South African Travel

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Explore the Eastern Cape of South Africa with the best travel agency on the Continent

S.A Travel provides the most extensive and detailed tours of the Eastern Cape available. S.A travel is the only travel agency to treat you like the king and queens you really are

South Africa

S.A Travel is located in the Capital of the Eastern Cape, Bhisho. South Africa is mainly a hot climate with a few months of intense rain. large parts of the country are wild lands dominated mainly by the Animals of the region.


  • Grand Opening package: $4,500 USD
  • 7 days 6 nights
  • Safari Tour
  • Mountain hiking
  • Hunting/ Fishing
  • Wildlife Sanctuary Tour

*All trips include full food coverage and all tours and excursions offered*

Phrases to Know

"Ag Shame"- term of endearment

"Ag"- a filler word meaning "oh Man"

"Ja,nee"- yes, no


this is not a real business and is in no way actually promoting this travel agency