Protect the American Bison

North America's Endangered Animals

Protect the American Bison from Extinction

During the 1800, European settlers hunted massive amounts of bison, not only for their hides, but also for sport.

(Wilson , and Ruff)By the 1900's the population of the American Bison was reduced to two hundred and fifty. Not only had the hunters decreased the animal's population, but diseases such as tuberculosis and anthrax threatened the species. (American Bison)

How the American Bison Adapts

The American Bison is found roaming in herds of hundreds with serves the purpose of protecting them and making them look stronger. Also, migrating from place to place helps them find new food when the seasons change. Their body features also help them get their food. For example, the hooves at the bottom of their feet are used to paw off snow during the winter in order to get grasses from the ground. Also their head is slightly lower than their back so that they can easily reach the ground with their face.(C,W, and H)

Critical Information

Soon, the remaining Bison were shipped or sent to zoos and private reservations in order to restore the population. Today, the American Bison population is estimated about 200,000 to 250,000. Due to the hard efforts of many, the American Bison is not near the "brink of extinction".(American Bison)

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