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Upcoming Events

  • March 28th- FAME Literacy Night Event 5:30-7:30 pm
  • April 3rd- Principal's Coffee 9:00 am
  • April 9th- 5th grade Math STAAR Test
  • April 10th- 5th grade Reading STAAR Test
  • April 19th- Staff/Student Holiday
  • May 13th- 6th grade Math STAAR Test
  • May 14th- 6th grade Reading STAAR Test
  • May 15th- 5th grade Science STAAR Test
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Our Community Needs Your Voice!

As you may know, the City of Houston is redoing the Alief Community Center. They are seeking input from local members of the community. From our understanding they will be eliminating the Alief Henington Regional Library (Which they JUST renovated recently) so that they can consolidate municipal facilities under one roof. That being said, it seems we need to make opinions HIGHLY known that we are expecting a better library space than before. Please help spread the link below to get as much support as possible, so that our children won’t be short-changed by this measure.

From the International District webpage at

Survey for IMD Alief Community Center

In case you were not able to join the second Alief Neighborhood Center community meeting earlier this month, we invite you to share your feedback via a survey which can be found in multiple languages:

SPANISH: Toma Nuestra Encuesta
MANDARIN: 请帮忙填写调研问卷
VIETNAMESE: Xin vui lòng điền bản khảo sát

Your feedback is critical to help the City of Houston and design team deliver a Center that accommodates the needs of the community.

The new Alief Community Center will house the services of the Houston Health Department, Houston Parks and Recreation Department and Houston Public Library in one space. The Center, which sits in the 37-acre Alief Park, will also consolidate the Hennington-Alief Regional Library and the park’s existing community center, both of which are currently outdated facilities.

Survey link(s) will close Monday, April 1.

A Pep Talk from the Kid President

STAAR testing will be here soon. To help relieve some of the stress and anxiety of testing, which the Kid President pep talk video. We can Rock this Test!

Make sure to get a good night's sleep before a big test.

Eat a healthy breakfast the day of the test.

Take deep breaths to calm yourself.

Bring two number 2 pencils.

Use your strategies.

Take your time.

Pace yourself.

Check your work.

10 Ways to Encourage Your Child

  1. Always be respectful, kind, and positive.
  2. Be specific. Don't ask, "will you...? When you want cooperation to be mandatory.
  3. Seek compromise with simple negotiations.
  4. When possible, explain your reasoning.
  5. Stay calm. Count to 10 rather than resorting to yelling, belittling, or violence.
  6. Involve your child in decisions if possible.
  7. Give choices with limitations.
  8. Keep often-repeated requests brief so you are not tuned out.
  9. Use humor and praise.
  10. Discipline with a fitting punishment-and never physical force.

from the Counselors

Dress Code Reminders

Student Dress Code:

  • polo style or collared shirts in red, white, or blue
  • pant/shorts/skirts- navy or khaki
  • Sweaters- solid red, white, or blue
  • Jeans cannot be torn or ripped and can be worn on Fridays as long as students have not received any dress code marks for the week
  • NO HOODIES or jackets with stripes or prints

Spring is approaching and students have grown, please make sure that shorts and skirts are still fit. They should not be higher than 2" above the knee.

Student IDs must be worn at all times clipped to their left hand collar.

  • Replacement IDs are $5.00
  • Replacement clips are .25 cents
  • Replacement ID pouches are .25 cents

Wildcat Pride

Guidelines for Success

P- Positive Attitude

R- Respect

I- Integrity

D- Determination

E- Enthusiasm