how wimax works


wimax has a long range and the wave lengths reach up to 30 miles

how it works

Wimax is a telecommunication and mobie technology used for broadcasting of wireless data by the use of a number of transmission methods. Wimax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access offering internet access point to point or point to multipoint or path. It is based on IEEE 802.16.

Wimax make possible the broadband access to conservative cable or DSL lines. The working method of Wimax is little different from Wifi network, because Wifi computer can be connected via LAN card, router, or hotspot, while the connectivity of Wimax network constitutes of two parts in which one is Wimax Tower or booster also known as wimax base station and second is Wimax receiver (Wimax CPE) or Customer Premise Equipment.

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the competitor wimax is LTE because for Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a radio platform technology that will allow operators to achieve even higher peak throughputs than HSPA+ in higher spectrum bandwidth. Work on LTE began at 3G in 2004, with an official LTE work item started in 2006 and a completed 3GPP Release 8 specification in March 2009. Initial deployments of LTE began in late 2009.