Changing roles in the family

between husbands + wives and Parents + children

Changing roles between husband and wife

In the past (1940's) the roles were segregated between husband and wife,it was the woman that did all the housework chores such as cleaning,dusting,washing and cooking while the men went out to work to bring in the money.Later on the feminist movement came about and made women realise that they wanted to go out and work instead of being home all day and that they were as just as good as men.And so now days the roles in bringing in money and doing the housework is joint.This type of family is called the symmetrical family,where both husband and wife do an equal amount of jobs around the house.

Changing roles between parents and children

In the 19th centurary many children were in paid work and therefore saw their family less.Parental authority was very strong and there was a clear empathis on disciplin and obedience,what ever the man said went and there was no argueing.Childrens views were often not considered when making family desicions.Now days it is very different most families take in account of what their children want and therfore become children centerd familes.Children also have more power and pester power is a common tatic that children use in order to get their own way.