The Tiger Times

May edition

On to Their Next Adventure! by Avery Price and Riley White

The last day of school is right around the corner. It is almost time to say good-bye to our 5th Graders. We interviewed one of them. Her name is Katelyn Van Mater. Here are some questions that we asked her.

Q-Are you sad about leaving Cameron Park?

A-I am kind of sad because I've had many good memories from doing Field Day and stuff like that, but I'm also excited for middle school.

Q-What was the highlight of your year?

A-I cannot really pick a favorite, but I would pick Field Day. I am gonna say field day, because I know it will be awesome.

Q-If you could pick on word to describe your year, what would it be?


We also interviewed Mrs. Amy Price about her year. There were the questions that we asked her.

Q-Are you sad your 5th Graders are leaving?

A-Yes, I am sad about my 5th Graders leaving, because I feel like we just got started with our work and now they are going to middle school.

Q-If you could describe your year with one word, what would it be?


And indeed it is!

Field Day by Gigi Elbitar and Grace Pell

Field Day was about every kid in the school getting to go outside with lots of stations. Half of the stations are dry things and half are wet things. It's just a fun activity that Cameron Park does once every year. We decided to ask Mrs. Wahlers to tell us a little about it.

Q-What are some of the funniest stations you do?

A-I love the water stations. I think I am the same as all of the kids. I love the water stations. Those are one of my favorite pictures to take. As a teacher I always like to go around, especially when Mr. Leonard's gonna be there and catch the kids just as Mr. Leonard is tyring to "fill their cup up." You know how he always just dumps extra water on everybody. So, I always try to capture everybody's face when they're going "Ah!" Right before the water falls, so that's my favorite. My second favorite probably would be (I think it's called) the Rhino Tug wher eyou have that blue, long thing wrapped around you.

Q-How long have you been running Field Day?

A-Oh, helping Mr. Westbrook...probably five years. I've been helping Mr. Westbrook set up Field Day and take down Field Day. Not the whole time that I've been hear, but probably since Wallaroo Work Crew. Wallaroo Work Crew has been around for about nine years, and probably I've been helping him. He asked us about five years ago to help set it up and take it down.

Q-When you ask the kids to do something, do they get it right away, or do you often have to explain what they have to do for them?

A-Mr. Westbrook is out in the field, and I am in the gym. It's all set up and organized, so I show my kids exactly what we need to do. The Wallaroos know that, like when we're at school store or we're hallway helpers, or, especially, at car rider, we don't play around. the Wallaroos are really good at it, like we have a job to do. It's not time to goof around.

Running Club by Grace Pell and Zoe Van Tubbergh

The Running Club is a club where lots of people run and and do lots of relays after school until 4:00pm. It’s Second Grade to Fifth Grade. It helps to lead up to the Got Grit 5K. It’s eight weeks of hard work.

Running Club is the best! We wanted to know some things about the Running Club, so we interviewed Mr. Westbrook and here are some answers to our questions:

Q-What inspired you to start this program?

Mr. Westbrook-The program was in my mind when I first got here. I started the lap program and most kids were not familiar with running. I used to compete in triatholons and long distance running.

Q-How did you know that kids would like this?

Mr. Westbrook-I see there smiles after the mile run.

Q-When did you start the running club?

Mr. Westbrook-16 years ago, and I have done it ever since.

When we asked Mr. Westbrook if he had any help starting the club, he told us that he started it on his own, but when a lot of people signed up, he asked for help from teachers. Ms. Kiehle helped, and Mr. Rosensweet (our former computer teacher) helped too. Both of them like running, so they would help the kids.

Book Fair by Zoe Vantubbergh and Katie Belle Sikes

Guess what!? The book fair is here once again! The book is great because you have so many choices of books. Some are picture books, some are non-fiction, even historical and fantasy fiction.

Reading is great for your brain, because it helps your fluency (how good you read). There are also amazing erasers, like soda, ice cream, and animal shapes (zebras and dogs). And of course, Mrs. Hughes is involved, so we asked her some questions.

Q-Why do you think kids like the book fair.

A-It's right before summer so you can't go to the school library, but you can go to the book fair to purchase new books that will last you through the summer. And, you know, everyone likes books!

Q-Have you ever purchased books or erasers from the book fair.

A-Oh, all the time! But I do have a limit. My kids are allowed to pick two books each and an eraser. I buy things for myself too. I bought this eraser a few years ago that was about 4 inches long, but one of my kids stole it. It was an awesome eraser.

So go ahead and purchase some books at the book fair!

The 30 Book Challenge

The 30 book challenge is a great book challenge for kids. You can keep track of all of the books you've read this year. Kids get lots of genre's, and they have to read a certain amount of books for each genre. They put their book title on paper chains. We interviewed a girl who did the 30 book challenge. Her name is Shannon, and she is from Mrs. Lazarus' class.

Q-Do you like the 30 book challenge?

A-Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool.

Q-What do you like about it?

A-I like that all the books you read, they kind of inspire you.

Q-How many books did you read?

A-I read about 102 books!

The 30 book challenge is a great way to challenge yourself during the school year. Try to finish your challenge this year!

Otter's Picnic by Finley White and Claire Lazarus

Upcoming Dates

June 8 Fifth Grade Graduation

June 9 Last day of school for students/Early Release