Ventana Vistas

October 22 - October 26, 2018

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We appreciate your patience while we are understaffed in the front office for a couple of weeks.

Ms. Cathy MacNeal, our school secretary, has accepted and started a new position in CFSD as the Special Education Secretary. Fortunately for us, she will still be at Ventana Vista each day, as this is where her office will be.

Ms. Avril Buick is our new school secretary! Congratulations, Ms. Avril!

We will introduce the new office clerk/attendance coordinator once they have been officially hired!

Interested in Volunteering in Classrooms, Library, Playground, Spelling Bee, Science Fair? Email: for info!

District Flyers

You can download each of the following flyers, should it be of interest to you.

CFSD Governing Board Members

Amy Bhola, President

Amy Krauss, Vice President

Doug Hadley, Board Member

Eileen Jackson, Board Member

Carole Siegler, Board Member

Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent