The Nordtvedt News

February 27th - March 3rd


Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for the evenings of February 23rd, February 28th, and March 2nd. If possible, I like for my students to attend his/her conference, but I know that families are very busy and that does not always work. Thank you all for confirming your scheduled times. If you should forget your time, please email me or give the office a call. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

What Are We Working On This Week?

Character Education: In February, we are working on the trait of Be Positive/Caring.

Reader's Workshop: Working on Making Inferences.

Spelling/Word Study: Study Week #29 List. Students should study their words every night! The test will be Friday, March 17th.

Writer's Workshop: Working on fictional writing of a diary (of an animal).

Math: Unit 6 & 12 - Volume, Capacity, and 3-D Figures

Science: Unit 7 - Natural Resources

Social Studies: this subject is taught by Mrs. Kornder. Please check your child's agenda daily to see if they have homework in this area. Questions, please


*February 1st-28th - I Love To Read Month (record minutes each night)

*February 23rd, 28th and March 2nd - Parent Teacher Conferences

*March 3rd - Science Museum will present to the 5th grade (last visit for the year)

*March 6th-10th HP reading students will be taking the Reading MCA Test

*March 13th-17th HP math students will be taking the Math MCA Test

*March 23rd - the last day of 3rd quarter

*March 24th - NO SCHOOL (teacher planning day)

*March 27th-31st - NO SCHOOL (spring break)