Digifest 2014

A showcase of technology at St.Vincent's Primary School

Digifest 2014 what's going on this year?

Great question! Digifest is open to years 5 to 7 this year with the following categories:

  • Short film, any genre - up to four minutes

  • Claymation, using I Can Animate. Must retell a classic movie scene - up to two minutes

  • Digital Still Photography - The focus being on 'My Family' 1 entry per student.

  • Each year level can highlight what they are doing in their classrooms with technology

The showcase will be held in the shed, week 9, Wednesday the 10th of September during the middle session. All year levels are welcome to attend this fantastic event.

How do the students get involved?

Sign up will be this Thursday, the 7th August in the Media Room, at the second break after eating time.