By: Mercedes Zabel

Want to take a trip? If yes, Finland would be the place to go. Scroll down to read a little about the country

Fact File

Area: 130,700 square miles

Population: 5.4 million

Largest City: Helsinki

Official Language: Finnish


Finland is located in northern Europe. It is borderd by Sweden, Russia, and Norway. Finland is the 8th largest country in Europe. The capital is Helsinki, which is also the largest city. Some other major cities in Finland are: Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku, and Oulu

Native Dress

Above is a Native Finland women. She is wearing a skirt, shirt, and a vest. For festive events an apron and a silk scarf worn around the shoulders and a lace cap were worn. The womens shirt was usually a light linnen or cotten blouse. The vest and skirt was wool.

Oulanka National Park

The Oulanka National Park is a very popular tourrist attracttion during both summer and and winter. It covers an area of 104 square miles. The park was first astablished in 1956 but then they expanded in 1982 and 1989. The first people there were the Sami which were from Lapland. The forest is made of pine forests, rivers, sandy banks and rapids. The area also has lots of animal and plant species, sonme of them are even endangerd species. The park is also popular for hiking. Visitors are allowed to pick mushrooms and berries but need a license to hunt or fish.

Finland Flag

The flag dates way back to the begining of the 20th century. It has a white background with a blue cross. The cross represents christianity. The flag was said to be presented in 1848. The flag is 11 inches in height and 18 inches in width.

Tourrist Attractions

The video above is some attractions that tourrists visit in finland


Tempratures are mesured in Celsius in Finland

Winter: Temprature remains below 0 degrees Celsius

Fall: Temprature remains below 10 degrees Celsius

Summer: Temprature remains around 32-35 degrees Celsius


A sport called pesapallo, which is like baseball, is Finlands national sport. Some other sports played are, ice hockey, athletics, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, formula one, javlin throwing, floorball, nordic walking, cycling ,running and skiing.

Fun Facts About Finland

Finlands national animal is the brown bear. Finland has a president, just like the U.S.A. does. About 4.2 million people are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Life expectancy for women is 82 years and men is 75 years. Popular T.V. shows are Madventure and The Dudesons. Finnish people listen to both pop and classical music. Fish and meat are very important in Finlands traditional dishes in the west. Finland celebrates holidays like, Christmas, New Years, Epiphany, Easter, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Midsummer Day, All Saints Day, May Day and Independence Day.

Finnish National Anthem