Jay Gatsby

By Justin Purcell

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This is Gatsby's prize possession. This is his love of his life. He would do anything to have Daisy back. Once he first met her he had fell right in love but once he went to the war and he came back he couldn't find daisy. He found out that she married a man named tom. Gatsby then bought a house that is right across the body of water hoping that one day that Daisy would attend one of his parts. The reason why he does all this is because he really loves Daisy and he wants to marry her and spend the rest of his life with Daisy.
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Gates loves money. If he didn't have money he wouldn't be anything. Money pretty much made his life the way he was. He wouldn't be able to get to talk to daisy because he wouldn't be able to buy the mansion that he has now.
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Green light

I choosed this picture because he is always looking at this light right across the bay. This light represents where daisy's house is and he reaches out toward the light which means he is reaching for daisy because he misses her a lot and loves her a lot.

Bio Poem


Mysterious, Character, Funny

Family of- the Gatsby's

Lover of- Daisy, The Green Light, Money

who feels- he should be with daisy, that daisy should go to his party, Cocky around tom

Who needs- money , Daisy, His old Life

Gives- love to daisy, Money/Job to Nick, gives daisy a chance to tell tell the truth.

fears- Daisy wont re marry him, that people will find out who he is, himself with out money

Would like to see- daisy with him, His old life before the war, His business being successful

Resident - West Egg, New York



"Old Sport" pg 52

This is gatsby's favorite quote. He calls every one "old sport". The reason why he calls people "old sport" is that he wants people to like him and not to hate him. He just trying to impress people i think by using this term. "Old Sport" means like a nickname or just another phrase for like whats up man or like how are you doing bro and like just words like that.