What Makes Me Tick?

Personality, Emotions, and Social/Emotional Intelligence

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My Personality

My personality has changed over the years. As a young child, I was extremely introverted. At family get-togethers, I would never play with my cousins, I was content sitting on my Dad's lap the entire time. I was a very shy, reserved little girl. However, as I'm on the brink of adulthood, my personality has altered. Gone is the shy, timid little girl that used to be me. Now, I'm a moderately extroverted person. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I'm more outspoken than I once was. I'm very compassionate and understanding.

I feel I can attribute these changes to my nurture, how I was raised. When I was young, it was just my parents and me. I was an only child up until the age of six. The reason I was so shy when I was young is because I wasn't used to being around other people my age. However, my parents got divorced, and I got a half-sister from my mother, and then my mom left me with my dad and didn't come back. This brought about the beginnings of a change in my personality, but it took me some time. I was living with my dad in a subdivision with tons of kids always outside playing together and I started watching them out of my window wishing I could go out and play with them, but my shyness was deterring me. Eventually, my dad coached me to just suck it up and introduce myself and that's exactly what I did, which helped me to become more outgoing. A few years later, my dad got in an accident and passed away, leaving me alone. When I was 10, I moved in with my aunt and uncle, and my two cousins, Haley and Hunter, who were both my age. Being thrown into a family of four (now five) forced me to be more extroverted as time went on. Also, because of my experiences, I have learned to be very compassionate and sympathetic towards others. I have learned to also be open minded and always try to look at things from others' perspectives.

My Emotions

When I take the time to reflect on my emotions, I realize the ways I tend to deal with emotions that I am faced with. I typically only like to express pleasant emotions. I have always felt uncomfortable in letting others see emotions in me that aren't pleasant. Whenever I'm experiencing emotions that I don't want to experience, like anger, sadness, or frustration, I tend to push those emotions away and leave them bottled up.

I realize this is an unhealthy approach to managing my emotions because eventually, I just "explode" and it seems like all the unpleasant emotions rush out of me. Whenever this happens, I like to be alone and will withdraw from people and stay in my room until I cool down. When thinking of how I got to be this way in dealing with my emotions, I believe it is a result of my nature. I believe my nature is linked to this because I can remember at a very young age, my mother would have these emotional breakdowns every once in a while. I know this contributes because while I'm not as extreme as my mother was, I still inherited this sort of breakdown from her. I remember her being fine for a while and then all of a sudden, she would just explode with all the emotions that she kept bottled up. I'm similar to this, just not as extreme. It has to be my nature because I don't know my mom anymore and I haven't seen her in almost 10 years. The family that I live with is pretty healthy in managing their emotions and whenever they're experiencing emotions that are unpleasant, they typically talk it out with one another.

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My Social/ Emotional Intelligence

After reflecting on myself, I think I can say that I am moderately Social and Emotionally intelligent. I will continue to work on improving my awareness, but what I really need to work on is my emotional awareness. I need to learn a healthy way to deal with those unpleasant emotions instead of bottling them up. Once I do this, I will become more emotionally intelligent.

I believe I am more socially intelligent than I am emotionally. I'm a pretty perceptive person, so I am good at reading people and recognizing what they're feeling so that I can think of a way to accommodate them. This plays with my future story because I want to be a doctor, so I will need to be good at interacting people and judging how to best help them. I can't let my own emotions get in the way of that.

I believe that my present social and emotional intelligence is a result of my nurture. I'm a waitress so my job is interacting with people. Over time, I have learned how to read people from their facial expressions and body language in order to see how I can best help them. Regardless, I will continue to work on and improve my social and emotional intelligence.

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The Importance of Understanding Myself, My Emotions, and My Social/ Emotional Intelligence

At the end of this project and unit, I now know just how important it is to understand my emotions, personality, and my social and emotional intelligence. It would be detrimental to not know how to manage myself. My future story will be greatly impacted by my ability to read situations, help others, and deal with my own emotions. I have learned that I am the way I am because of both my nature and my nurture.

I will continue to work on managing my own emotions, dealing with others', and being the best me that I can be. Learning these things will ultimately help me in the long run, and I can keep these things in mind when I am in job interviews or simply just interacting with people everyday. Understanding others will help me to be seen as more compassionate and caring. Because I now know how it is that I can manage my own emotions, I will no longer feel like I'm drowning in my emotions after I've bottled them up for so long. I will now be able to understand why I'm experiencing the emotions that I am and manage them accordingly.