The Absolutely True Diary

of a Partime-Time Indian

By: Sherman Alexie Art by: Ellen Forney


Junior A.K.A. Arnold-he is indian and used to go to a indian school but now he goes to a school with only white people. And because of that his best friend hates him.

Rowdy- Rowdy is also indian and he goes to a indian school. Rowdy has only one friend witch is also his best friend and that is Junior. But then Junior leaves and goes to a white school so Juniors turns into his ex-best friend. And Rowdy gets abused by his parents.

Dad-Junior dad is a alcoholic. He also plays the Saxophone.

Mum- Juniors mum is also a alcoholic.

Gordy- Is juniors white friend. Gordy is also really smart.

Penelope- Is Juniors dream girl. And she's his friend too. She is a really good friend to Junior and really cares for him.


The setting is usually Juniors school. Witch is a school with only one hallway and thats it.


The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is about Juniors trying to be Rowdy's best friend again. Through out the story Junior faces difficult challenges like his grandma passing away, his dads best friend passing away, his sister passing away, and bullying. And the struggle with poverty. No food, gas money because his school is far, a ride back home his struggle is real.


HIs conflict is man vs. man because his is trying to be friends with Rowdy but he keeps on calling him names and throwing punches sometimes. And his conflict is also man vs society because when he joins his b-ball team and vs his old school the people from his old school call him names.


  • "I had to add my hope to somebody else's hope. I had to multiply hope by hope"-Junior page:45 paragraph: 6

  • "Don't you ever drink"-Juniors Mum page: 208 paragraph: 1

  • "There were millions of other Americans who had left there birthplaces in search of a dream"-Junior page: 217 paragraph: 4