Miss K's Resources

Resources Miss K plans on using in her future classroom.

Get out some engergy!

This DIY cube is a great tool for FUN ways for students to release energy on a long day, or even when they are being extra rowdy.


Grammar Girl - great advice that you can use in English classrooms!

Type in "Grammar Girl" into the iTunes search bar.

Peer Editing

A peer editing workshop for High School students that works!

Click Here!

TED TALKS! Podcast

I find this VERY exciting because there are so many amazing clips on education! You just have to sort through all of the resources.

To listen, just type "Ted Talks" into the iTunes search bar.

"The The Impotence of Proofreading," by TAYLOR MALI

Paper Drop!

This idea is every teacher's best friend! There is an envelope laminated for each assignment due. You can just write the activity on the envelope in dry erase marker and the kids go there to turn it in. Then they check off their name on the back. So you know exactly who didn't turn it in. It also makes things so much easier to grade!

Teach Them English Blog

Lots of wonderful information for all teachers, not just English teachers!

Visit Blog

History of English Podcast

Would be helpful when needing background information on a text!

1st Day of Class: Dead Poet's Society

English Haters Beware the Bard...

This is an excellent poster to show those students that want to know how Shakespeare relates directly to their life!

Short Story Resources for Teachers

British history podcast!

On Conformity

Cut Stress!

This is an excellent way to help out students that are easily overwhelmed by lots of text or steps! Just cut up a file folder into three sections and viola!


Pinterest is the most excellent tool for teachers around! All of the ideas on this sheet are going to be from pins. Share your inspiration!

Greek Mythology

Printable Family Tree!!

Great for confusion while reading myths!

A Book Bucket List!

Visit this site for the top 1001 Books You MUST Read Before You Die!
Taylor Mali on "What Teachers Make"