Español 3 Update

Week 5, September 26 - October 2

con la Sra. Aguirre

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**This should be the 5th Weekly Update that you've received. If you haven't received prior ones, please let me know!**

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Week 5

We are starting Week 5! I will be contacting all parents this week as to student progress. As we start Week 5, we begin a new unit, Unit 3, La Salud (Health). Just a reminder that as we continue to go through the semester, all units are now 2 weeks, with specific assignments being due each week. Students only have to attend one RLC every two weeks, but are encouraged to attend more than one per unit if they want to. Students should have finished all assignments for Unit 2 this past Friday evening, September 23. Please speak with your student and make sure he/she has completed all assignments for Unit 2 and is ready to start Unit 3. Below is a list of what is due by this Friday, September 30. Students have 4 assignments to complete this week.
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Required Live Classes for Unit 3

Students have 5 opportunities to attend an RLC for Unit 3 this week. Please help your student plan accordingly and put an RLC for Unit 3 this week in his/her agenda. For the rest of the semester I will be teaching my RLCs @ 8pm (usually on every other Monday) so that students that have after school activities will be able to attend a later scheduled time for the RLC. If a student is unable to attend an RLC, the link to my recorded RLC session will be available after the last live RLC.
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Keys to Students' Success

The main keys to being successful are:

  • completing all assignments (*well and on time*) (using the Schedule of Assignments), reading the announcements daily, checking/reading messages daily
  • going through the direct instruction and practice as slow as needed to understand the material
  • taking/studying notes, reviewing the grades/feedback for all assignments to see what was missed and why
  • attending the required live classes
  • asking questions when something doesn't make sense and/or more explanation/practice is needed

In addition, to me being available to tutor the whole group in the RLC's, students can set up one-on-one tutoring sessions with me, as needed. NCVPS has a Peer Tutoring Center that is also available to students for Quick Questions, Virtual Buddies, and more. World Language and Culture Club sessions are also offered for extra credit! Sessions will be offered in October.
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Contact me if you have any questions!

Beverly Aguirre


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