Bearcat Brief

March 3, 2017

Notes from Niki

Expanding on my notes from last week- Twitter is a wealth of knowledge. This week's #MoEdChat was one of the most engaging yet. Here are the questions that were answered by countless educators across the state:

1. How can learners connect prior knowledge to the real world?

2. How can learners explore their interests using the power of questions?

3. How do learners take responsibility for meeting and articulating standards?

4. How can you provide strategies for competency-based learning?

5. How does project-based learning incorporate the elements of personalized learning?

6. How can learners become self-confident so they advocate for themselves?

The resources and pictures below were ALL shared in the hour of the #moedchat, and these are just the outside resources, not all of the great tweets that were posted by educators.

Read In Day and Literacy Week

Community Leader Time- 8:00 - 8:20 (Please fill out the Google Doc)

1st Hour- 8:20- 8:56

2nd Hour- 9:00- 9:36

3rd Hour- 9:40- 10:16

4th Hour- 10:20-10:56

Presentation, Lunch, Reading Time, Book Fair Shopping- 11:00- 12:45

5th Hour- 12:49- 1:25

6th Hour- 1:29- 2:05

High School Leader Time- 2:10- 2:25

7th Hour- 2:25- 3:12

We will continue our celebration of reading March 14-17 with a Reading Spirit Week. See the posters in the hallways for the theme of each day.

Professional Reading/ Resources:

Big image

Upcoming Events


March 2- 7/8 Grade Girls Volleyball vs. home (at the high school) Owensville (Gate- Paige)

March 3- 5th Grade PLC

March 6- 10- National School Breakfast Week, STEM Week, School Social Work Week

March 6- 7/8 Grade Girls Volleyball at Pacific

March 8- End of 3rd Quarter

March 8- Specials PLC

March 9- MSHP Bus Inspection

March 10- Missouri Read-In Day

March 10-17 Scholastic Book Fair

March 11- 7/8 Grade Girls Volleyball Tournaments

March 13- Staff Development Day, Health Screenings

March 14- Faculty Meeting, 7:30 a.m.

March 14- 7/8 Grade Girls Volleyball at St. James, 5:30

March 16- 7/8 Grade Girls Volleyball at St. James, 5:30 (Gate- Josh , Concessions- Missy)

March 17- 5/6 Grade Incentive Trip, FIA Dance