News from Room 9

Economics the Edneyville Way

Our second grade classes have been learning about how economics works through creating a product (wrapping paper and Christmas cards) to sell during family times at the bookfair this past week. We learned that we are producers and you all are the consumers. We also learned that our product is a good that is a want and a need of sorts. We also are learning to count money so now we have some counting to do with decisions to make about spending, saving or giving. Thank you for your help with our project!

What's happening

We are continuing to work on word problems with money and simple addition and subtraction. These guys are working hard to learn how to count money. Please give them chances to count change and work with money. We all know this is something they need to learn to get along well in life. I have been trying to stress the importance of knowing when people are trying to trick or cheat them if they don't know how to count change back.

Also, please work with them on basic addition and subtraction facts. We play math baseball every Friday against one of the other second grade classes and knowing the facts quickly without counting on their fingers is key to winning the game that week.

Another thing I would like to stress is that learning spelling patterns/words for Friday's test is not the focus. The focus is learning the pattern and the words to be able to become a stronger reader and writer. We should be able to sound out words when reading and when writing using the patterns we have already learned. When your children are writing spelling sentences, please help them remember to capitalize words using rules for capitalization and to use correct punctuation marks at the end of their sentences.

Upcoming Events

Book fair closes at 2:00 on Tuesday, December 9

Christmas program (schoolwide) Tuesday, December 16 at 1:45

Chorus concert Tuesday, December 16 at 6:00

Christmas special snack Thursday, December 18 at 1:15

Early dismissal Friday, December 19 at 12:00

Christmas Break December 22-January 5