Michael Jordan~How He Persevered

By: Ari Thompson

Compare and Contrast; Jordan vs. Robinson


Compare and Contrast; Jordan vs. Robinson

Michael Jordan's life wasn’t too difficult. His parents were always hard workers, they wanted Michael and his siblings to be encouraged to work hard. His mother had taught him to wash clothes, sew, and how to cook. All the kids were expected to do well in school and stay out of trouble. In high school, Michael was cut from the varsity basketball team his sophomore year. He worked hard, and persevered and eventually he made the team, and went on to play basketball in college for North Carolina for three years. He then went to play for the Chicago Bulls. Jordan suffered through a difficult time when his father was murdered in 1993. Jackie Robinson grew up in Georgia and was raised by a single mother. He went to Pasadena Junior College and played football, basketball, track,and baseball. Jackie Robinson became known for being the first African American to play professional baseball. People felt that it was not right that a black person was playing in major league baseball. There are many great athletes in the world. Many have things in common, yet many have different stories and paths that they have taken in life. For instance, Michael Jordan and Jackie Robinson have quite a lot of things in common as well as basketball, baseball, and football however they both had determination, courage, they never gave up no matter how hard the obstacle are, they both been rejected but on the other hand they both showed that they will always get through the hard times in life.

Description; Jordan's life

Michael played basketball and football but his favorite was baseball. He loved playing sports when he was a child.

Michael Jordan was the youngest out of five children. For an example he had two brothers named James and Larry. He had two sisters name Deloris and Roslyn. His family moved to Wilmington,North Carolina when Michael was seven. Michael went to a public school in North Carolina.

Michael and his wife Juanita got married in 1989. They have two sons name Jeffrey and Marcus and a daughter name Jasmine. In 2007 Jordan and his wife shared joint custody of their children. Michael life wasn't perfect in fact his life was falter he had times where he was uneven.

Some people persevere because they are determined to reach that certain goal and to be successful in life, while others are lazy to muster up the strength and courage to do so.

Problem and Solution: Bad To Good

Michael earn bad grades, he was suspended three times. He spent more time playing sports than he did studying. His dad told him that if he didn’t do good in school then he wasn't able to get into college, so Michael finally calm down and he muster up the strength and started studying and practicing. He brought his grades up and he was doing better in school.

What we can learn from others is that no matter how hard the obstacles are you should never give up and have faith in yourself.


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