Was Hammurabi's code fair?

I think not!

Hammurabis Code was unfair for many reasons, it made some people worth pennies and some worth gold

Hammurabis laws were unfair because even thought it seemed like they were eye for an eye for some people it was a ear for a bruise. Does that really seem fair? The laws 196 and 199 are different for the different people just because of social class and that is not fair because people do not choose the class there in (see picture of 196 and 199 ).
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Even though some laws might seem for the better like law 48 " If any one owe a debt for a loan, and a storm prostrates the grain, or the harvest fail, or the grain does not grow for lack of water; in that year he need not give his creditor any grain, he washes his debt-tablet in water and pays no rent for this year" its not fair because the creditor spent his own money on the farmers crops and if lots of areas flooded that season he would most likely go out of business.
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Overall, I believe that Hammurabi's code was wrong even though it might have seemed right at the time.