Underground Railroad

By: Javier Ortiz


The underground railroad wasn't a railroad at all, for it was actually a group of people! One of their methods of transpiration was a train, but that wasn't very often. Code names for people who helped slaves escape where called conductors, and the slaves were called passengers. Conductors helped slaves escape at night when it was dark
The conductors faced many dangers helping fugitive slaves. If they where caught helping slaves, they could be fined, imprisoned, or killed. Each home or barn of the conductors was called a station. They helped the slaves reach the union or Canada. To many slaves, Canada was known as "The promised land."

How did the Underground Railroad help slaves?

The underground railroad helped slaves escape the south and get their freedom. They guided them on path ways facing many dangers. Some where able to get on a train, boat, covered wagons, or even ride horses to the north. For the most part slaves had to walk. while on the run, many slaves changed their names. When they reached a station, they where given food, water, new cloths, and a place to sleep.

On the run!!!

While escaping the south, slaves knew that they where going to be hunted for, so slaves rubbed red onions or spruce pine at the soles of their shoes to lead astray the founds that chased them. Most escapes where at night whine was dark out making it harder for them to be spotted. Also, if it was too dark at night they felt the trees for moss since it had grown on the side facing north. On clear nights some slaves looked up the sky for the north star and followed it on their journey to freedom.

Secrect codes

Slaves often used songs to tell secret messages to friends and their family. These songs would let them know what they where planing without the slave owner being aware of their plans for escape. Along with using songs for messaging they also used quilts! These quilts had patterns on them that each had their own meaning. Slaves would remember these patterns to read the message to find out if it was about what they should bring or what's the best escape route.