Life on other planets

by: Katharina & Sophie

Life on Europa

  • Proof that an ocean once existed on Europa
  • Ocean is shielded by the atmosphere
  • contains all the carbon-containing building blocks of life (water, energy, and organic chemicals)
  • More water underneath its surface then earth

Life on Mars


  • Inhospitable unless conditions are changed
  • No atmosphere
  • Little oxygen
  • Surface covered by reactive hyperoxide layer
  • Lack of magnetic field

How could life on mars be possible?

  • Heat the planet and evaporate carbon dioxide to increase atmospheric pressure
  • Introduce bacteria from Earth to modify atmosphere

Myth: Area 51

  • located in Nevada, USA.
  • Seen UFO's flying around the base
  • Believed to do research on aliens
  • Is actually a normal research and development center
Europa: Ocean World