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Principal's Message

Greetings HRMS Families!

The 1st semester of the school year has come to a close and our students and staff have a lot to celebrate. We have our Hawk Way Day planned for the afternoon of February 14th to celebrate and reward students that have meet our behavioral expectations for Term 2. Nearly all of our students have succeeded in meeting those expectations, which is outstanding! This year the number of student behavioral incidents has been as low as it's ever been. Students seem more invested than ever in creating a positive school climate, they are more focused and engaged in their learning, and they are making more positive choices that make Hidden River a safe and supportive environment for everyone. As a staff this year we've taken some positive steps in ensuring our "reflect and reset" type of behavioral responses are in place when our students do make poor choices. This approach has allowed us to help students learn from those circumstances and engage them in a process that helps them set their next steps to make things right. This happens mostly at the classroom level, but as a whole our staff has intentionally shifted from punitive measures to more of a stance that uses those situations as opportunities to create teachable moments for our kids. A special thanks to our Positive Behavior Coalition (Mr. Judy, Ms. Green, Mrs. Conradt, Ms. Simeoni, Ms. White, Mrs. Christian and Mrs. Twedt) for leading our staff through this process of improving how we teach and support positive student behavior at Hidden River.

As we launch into the 2nd half of the year, our plan during Hawk Time next week is to work with all of our students on re-setting and re-visiting many of the key processes and expectations we have in place to help them be successful. This will include student use of the Agendas (daily planners) , student engagement during Hawk Time, our expectations for students when they need to "reflect" and reset, and also our revised work completion process that our staff has been working the past month to develop. As we have moved away from using lower grades as a consequence for irresponsible behaviors (like turning work in late), we know that we still need to hold student accountable for turning things in on time and we know that there needs to be an immediate consequence when they don't. This work completion process has been built, by our staff, to ensure that we do hold students accountable to being responsible and work with them to create a plan to make it right when they aren't. We really appreciate the parents and community members that have helped us identify this as a critical component that doesn't get lost in the shifts we are making in our grading practices. Your feedback, support, and efforts to help us continue to improve on behalf of our students is immeasurable. Keep up the great work and let's make the 2nd half of this school year even better. GO HAWKS!

Brett Wille



Our purpose at Hidden River is to ensure that ALL students learn the essential academic, social and citizenship skills to be successful in middle school and beyond.

Core Values: "Our Kids, Our Community"

  • Have a Positive Attitude
  • Act with Integrity
  • Wholehearted Respect
  • Keep our Commitments
  • Serve our Community



Feb. 1 - Semester Break, NO SCHOOL

Feb. 14 - Principal Chat @ 9:00 a.m. in HRMS Library

Feb. 15 - 18 - President's Day Break - NO SCHOOL


When dropping off or picking up your student, please pull forward so we can keep the line moving.

Also, students, please be aware of your surroundings in the parking lot. We have seen several students crossing the parking lot while eyes have been glued to their cell phone and not paying attention to cars. We want all students to be safe, so please keep your cell phone in your backpack while crossing the parking lot!!!


Wrestling is still open for signups. This year, 6th graders can compete!!!

Wrestlers compete with others at their own weight, within 5 lbs of each other. This is a combined team between Hidden River and Park Place with everyone who goes out getting to participate. Transportation is provided to get athletes to Park Place, but parents need to pick up kids after practice at Park Place Middle School at 4:30 pm. All home meets will also be held at Park Place MS.

All games and meets are at 4:00 pm unless otherwise stated.


2/6 Varsity wrestling @ Park Place MS

2/7 JV wrestling @ Sultan MS

2/13 Varsity @ Cavelero MS

2/14 JV @ Marysville MS

Head coach: Duane Krogh


2/11 – @ Port Susan MS

2/13 – Home game against Post MS

2/20 –Home game against Valley View MS

2/25 – @ Cavelero MS

8th Grade coach - JJ Frees

7th Grade coach - Bret Ingham

Games/practice changes will be Wesco at http://www.wescoathletics.com.

You can sign up to receive real time changes. There is also link on our Monroe web page.

As always, if you have questions or concerns please call.

Joel Garrison, Athletic Director - 360-804-4305

Judy Aaby, Athletic Secretary - 360-804-4108


Students that were showcased this year so far have emulated the best of our school values. These students are nominated by our adults on campus who see students challenging themselves everyday to succeed. The values we are focusing on are:

* Positive Attitude

* Integrity

* Respect

* Commitment

* Community


Luis Hunlock Huerta - Luis exemplifies each of the Hawk values. He shows respect to himself and others. Luis is kind and helpful to everyone in the classroom and at school. He is thoughtful in his interactions with others. Luis sets an example of excellence in behavior and cooperation. He sets high expectations and has a positive attitude and a willingness to try.

Shannon Hughes - Shannon exemplifies each of the Hawk values. Her positive attitude is contagious and acts with integrity at all times. She treats others with whole-hearted respect and consistently goes above and beyond to serve her community. Most importantly, Shannon can be counted on to keep her commitments to herself, her peers and staff members. When Shannon sets a goal for herself, she works tirelessly until she has met her goal. She keeps at it even when it is challenging. This makes her a role model for having growth mindset.

Abigail Bacon - Abby demonstrates our Hawk values daily. She remains positive even through difficult situations, she keeps her commitments of working hard, modeling a growth mindset and persevering when the going gets tough. Abby serves our community by being a great friend to many and reaching out to those who may need a friend or a helping hand.

Will Ellison - Will also demonstrates our Hawk values daily. Will is the first to volunteer when it comes to supporting another student or teacher. He is kind, respectful, creative and the kind of guy who would always have your back. Will keeps his commitments of doing his best and serves our community with his smile and "can-do" attitude.

Ainslie Whetzel - Ainslie consistently works hard to do her best in class. She stays behind before break to make sure the classroom is cleaned and ready for the next group of students. Her teacher is so impressed with the compassion and kindness she shows others.

Noah Santos - Noah is always striving to improve and keeps working when it gets challenging and he always does it with a smile on his face. He is kind and thoughtful to his classmates and works to make sure everyone is included.

Maci Johnson - Maci always works above and beyond in math. She is always willing to support other students in their learning and she always goes the extra mile to solve

problems that are more challenging in her math skills.

Aldo Talavera Cordova - Aldo works hard to go beyond his own math skills and does what is expected without being asked. He is a self starter and always goes beyond the expectations in class. He always has a positive attitude and is a great example of the HAWK core values.


Jamison Lin - Jamison is a great example of someone who keeps his commitments. He has consistently completed his work and always has a great attitude in whatever he is working on. He is also someone who demonstrates respect toward others and is willing to serve his community by helping others around him.

Sara Skold - Sara exemplifies keeping our commitments. She is always on task and finishing work on time to demonstrate her learning. She asks wonderful questions and never assumes that her work is totally complete. She is a caring member of our community who always demonstrates respect toward others and has a positive attitude.

Yuliana Barajas-Avalos - Yuliana is a very hard worker. She worked hard to meet the deadline for the Patriot's Pen essay contest, coming in at Hawk time to complete it. She routinely challenges herself with extension activities and does rewrites to improve her writing skills and her work with other projects.

Javier Bueno - Javier consistently has an upbeat attitude. He makes people smile in class and always has a kind word for people and animals. One of Javier's hobbies is rescuing animals; especially birds.

Kevin Mejia - Kevin has a positive attitude. He works very hard and even when things are difficult for him, he perseveres. He is willing to help his classmates, but is careful not to take the easy way out and copy others' work. He makes good choices about where he sits so he can focus on his work rather than being distracted by his neighbors.

Quinn Schmitz - Quinn has been keeping her commitments by working diligently in her ELA class. She accepts help when she needs it and is willing to help others when she can. She has kept up with her work, does revisions when she needs to and is even working on her own novel in her free time.

Connor Carpenter - Connor has made huge strides in math this year. He is not only doing well himself, but is actively helping others in their learning. He volunteers regularly to help out with whatever he can in class and has a positive attitude.

Taylor Fischer - Taylor is doing a fantastic job in math class. She is always willing to help others and pushes herself everyday. She doesn't give up when things get hard and always has a positive attitude.


Iromi (Emely) Guerra-Perez - Emely is a shining example of what it means to be kind, respectful and hard working. She always has a smile on her face, concentrates on her work and either asks for help or helps others. She looks for opportunities to serve her community and shows us all what is means to be a Hidden River Hawk.

Wesley Loechelt - Wesley displays the Hawk Core Values in a number of ways. He always has a positive attitude, which he uses to make those around him smile. He serves his community by embracing the "character dares" and leads by example, showing us the power and importance of being kind and thoughtful. He keeps his commitments and maintains integrity by staying up on his school work and participating in group activities.

Amor Ayala - Amor is an amazing student who works extremely hard. She pushes herself in class and constantly helps others. She always brings energy to class, ready to learn and support her fellow classmates. She also inspires others to the best that they can be.

David Fishchuk - David is a great student who represents our Hawk core values. He works very hard in class striving to do his best. He helps other students without ever being asked. He is prepared, engaged and motivated to learn. He is great example for all students in exemplifying our Hawk core values.

Alexis Canovali McKenzie - Alexis is a "behind the scenes" leader that is always ready and willing to help make our classroom the best place to be. She takes class notes for people who are absent and keeps them organized in her own history journal. Alexis shows her understanding for our course work by going above standard and completing extension work that can be used as examples for her peers. She is more than willing to tutor her classmates or walk them through the work during class to help them have a better understanding of what is expected. Thank you Alexis for leaning into your strengths and organizing work and strategies that showcase your skill, as well as your commitment to seeing your peers succeed!

Brock Swanberg - Brock goes above and beyond each day to demonstrate our Hawk core values. He always comes to class prepared and ready to do a good job. If he can show improved skill on his work, he will take home the work for homework and have it completed by the next day, turned in before class. Brock has tutored his peers in our essential language arts work, even to the extent that during Hawk Time, he will bring students up to our classroom to find resources and get questions answered. During class, Brock is respectful of the learning environment by coming in quietly and having his attention on the agenda for the day. Brock does awesome work!

Alexis Alverez - Alexis has been working hard this year at keeping up with his commitments. He is consistently showing up and participating in his group during class time. There have been a couple of times where he understands something before the rest of the class and he gets up in front of the class to help teach his peers. He is always polite and respectful, but still knows how to make people laugh. He is a great asset to the classroom.

Gracie Guthrie - Gracie has come so far in her math journey at Hidden River. She is one of the most determined students her teacher has ever had and she inspires her teacher to never give up on her goals. She not only pushes herself, but is always willing to help others and volunteers regularly in class.

Abby Clem - Abby is not only good at solving complex problems, she is also eager to accept the challenge when it comes to taking on new ones. She continually performs at a high level and is always willing to work with others and share her thoughts and ideas around math.

Corbin Nichols - Corbin does a super job of communicating in class. He provides details about his thinking and works well with everybody. He often takes the lead on this and sets a great example for the type of student interaction we are trying to achieve in our math classes.



The Standardized Dress Code is a proactive measure undertaken to help our students stayed focused on learning, be free from negative social pressures common to middle school, and to practice adapting to a professional work environment.

All staff will make an effort to maintain student dignity by approaching dress code violations instructionally, by providing the opportunity for students to change clothes the meet the dress code as the primary step. Repeated violations may be handled through school discipline and/or family-school collaboration.


  • Wear Pajamas and slippers on Pajama only
  • Yoga pants/leggings must include a long top covering below the buttocks
  • Shorts extend 2 inches past fingertips with arms hanging straight
  • Hats and hoods are to be removed when entering the building; teachers will have their own rules regarding this also


  • Clothing advertises drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gang activity/affiliation, violence or sexual content
  • Clothing advertises racist or offensive language images
  • Undergarments that are visible or holes in clothing that are revealing
  • The clothing presents a safety concern, such as chains attached to a wallet or spikes on arm bands/neckbands
  • Shirt straps that are narrower than 3 fingers wide (no spaghetti straps)
  • Shirts are too low-cut or short, revealing the midriff and/or cleavage


  • Staff may ask students to serve our community and show wholehearted respect by changing any clothing that is not captured by the above list, but is considered a disruption to the learning environment.


Attention all 8th grade parents!

Every year we dedicate a section of the yearbook to our outgoing 8th grade students. We need a picture of your student as a baby, toddler, or pre-schooler. Please send one image to hrmyearbook@monroe.wednet.edu no later than Friday, March 1. This is something that 8th grade students look forward to every year. Thank you for your support.


If you have been around Hidden River Middle School for more than a week, you have probably heard someone from school mention our driving mantra, that “All Means All.” What this means is that we as a school are committed to meeting the unique needs of your student, and in our work on improving attendance this is certainly at play.

The attendance team at Hidden River Middle School meets regularly to review the trends in attendance, and to commit to actions that can help support every one of our students. We know, according to a 2012 study by Johns Hopkins University, that students who are chronically absent (absent for more than 10% of school days) tend to be divided into one of three categories:

(1) Students who cannot attend school (because of illness, family circumstances, or other reasons that keep them from being able to attend);

(2) Students who will not attend school (perhaps because of social difficulties such as bullying or harassment issues); and

(3) Students who do not attend school (largely related to a lack of value for their school experience).*

As we attempt to meet the needs of ALL students in promoting 90% attendance, we pay close attention to the types of actions we can take to meet the specific needs of the different reasons for absenteeism. That is part of why we invite students and parents to the table to partner with us in this work-- because we know if we can come up with solutions for students that match the reasons they are missing school, we stand a better chance at helping them meet the goal of 90% attendance.

Please feel free to connect with school staff about attendance concerns. Communication early and often helps us design the type of support that will support the unique needs and circumstances of your child.

*Source: The Importance of Being in School: A Report on the Absenteeism in the Nation’s Public Schools. Balfanz & Byrnes. May, 2012. Johns Hopkins University.

To excuse an absence:

· Call (360) 804-4101 or (360) 804-4104 or

· Send in a note with your student or

· Enter on Family Access at www.monroe.wednet.edu Please remember - Early releases due to illness must be checked out through the Health Room.

  • All absences must go through the Attendance Office, not through your students’ teachers.
  • Absences must be excused within 72 hours or they will remain unexcused.
  • Going on vacation? Student must get a “Trip Request Form” from the office for assignments if you will be gone for more than 3 days. This form needs to be signed by teachers, principal and parent.

Any questions or concerns, please contact our Attendance Secretary, Debbie Schelfhout at (360) 804-4104.

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District Notice of Non-Discrimination

The Monroe School District does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation including gender expression or identity, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employees have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination:

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The Monroe School District will also take steps to assure that national origin persons who lack English language skills can participate in all education programs, services and activities. For information regarding translation services or transitional bilingual education programs, contact Ginnie Ayres at 360.804.2558.