Everything AP!

What you Need to Know

Step One - The Account

How to Set Up a College-Board Account!

If you do not have a College-Board account, please set one up now. IF you already have an account, you may use it - no need to create a new one! Learn how to set up an account here: https://pages.collegeboard.org/account-help/how-create-account

Step Two - Join the Class

How to Join Your College-Board AP Class

AP students must join their teacher's AP College-Board "class." To join, you must have your teacher's code! Check with each of your AP Teachers for the correct class code.

Step Three: Explore the Resources

Your teacher may assign practice exercises or other resources. Check back frequently to see what is available.
Quick Link to College-Board Log In

If you have a College-Board account and have joined your teacher's class, then use this link for quick access!

AP Exam Registration has Changed!

Please stay in close contact with Mr. Nick Scheman. Registration for the AP Exam has changed since last year.

The final deadline for schools to submit AP registrations is February 28th.

Take a look at the 2019-2020 College Board Bulletin for Students and Parents for more information.