Google Glass

by Chandler & DJ

Google Glass

Google Glass are a wearable technology that are basically a smartphone for your eyes. It can show navigation, read text messages and emails, you can also search on google using voice command. It works by using Bluetooth to hook up to your phone.
Google Glass review | Engadget

How can it help people?

1. The Glass would help people in many ways. If they wanted to take a picture but they can’t grab their cellphone right then, they use the voice command to make Glass take the picture for you. If someone wanted to post a picture to Facebook, they can do it using Glass.

What needs will this technology fulfill?

1. This technology will make an easier way to travel, take photos and videos, and surf Google without even touching your smartphone.

How can it help you at your business?

1. The Glass would improve the way information flows to different people. They could also change how businesses could perform transactions.

Safety concerns?

Although Glass seem to be great, there are some safety problem like wearing the HUD in front of your face can result in eye fatigue. But, if you sustain from wearing the Glass for long periods of time, them you will be fine.

Thoughts on the technology life?

We think that this technology will stay out for a good bit of years. But the cost is a major downfall and also the risk of eye problems will make the life of this technology decrease.

Cost of technology?

The cost of this product is around $1,500 although the prices might go down as time passes.