Wolf Spiders

By: Faith Good

Scientific Name: Honga Aspersa

Normal Habitat: Biome type

The wolf spider lives where ever their is insects to be eaten. Most commonly found in:

  • grasslands
  • meadows
  • deserts
  • farm fields
  • mountains
  • rain forests

Geographical Home

The wolf spider can be found everywhere in the world except the polar regions


  • The wolf spider is hairy and a grayish brown color
  • It also has 8 eyes (witch gives it great sight so it can hunt in both day and night light) and 8 legs
  • Their bodies are split into 2 part a front part called a cephalothorax and a back part called an abdomen
  • Although female and male look similar the female spider is often bigger than the male

Feeding habits

Wolf spiders are carnivores, they eat:

  • crickets
  • grasshoppers
  • earwigs
  • flies
  • ants
Wolf spiders don't spin webs to catch their prey. Instead they hunt and attack their prey.

Life Cycle

The female makes an egg sac with over 100 eggs in it, she then attaches this sac to her abdomen. When the spiderlings are developed she then tears the sac open and the baby spiders crawl onto her abdomen and hold on. their can be several layers of spiderlings. After about a week they disperse. Find a mate and continue to make more descendants.