Mcbeth was only saving his self and it wasn't helping anyone. Macbeth was had a lot of pride and was cool before he becames crazy. He was gullible and very ambitious. His fall was letting the witches influence him to do bad things that he didnt want to do.His wife influenced some things in his life to.
Katness from Hunger Games only cared for hersself in the beginning. She was accepting decent her life and just worrying about her mom and sister. The dystopian society was the government was controling the people and making them risk there lives. The monsters would have been the creators of hunger game who want only one person to survive and see no one help each other. Katness helped protect a little girl and at the end two people survived and wouldn't kill each other for people entertainment. They were successful by both being alive and ending the governments control over the Hunger Games. Katness hoped that the government would get worse just because they messed up last one.
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Katness started caring for other people. In this picture she took care of a little girl she didnt know
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Macbeth was listening to whatever the witches told him to do.
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Against gov

Katness and Peeta didnt want to kill each other. They went against the rules and both survived. They stood up against government and changed the Hunger Games.