Vietnam Readings

Michael and Nolan


In the chapter of In the Field by O'Brien, the author shows the way the U.S. soldiers are living with horrible weather conditions. They have to overcome many things other than just the enemy. The chapter shows us how war is fought against many other things than just the enemy.

In the poem "Counting Small-boned bodies" by Robert Bly, the author shows how many bodies are scattered throughout the war. Bodies are just everywhere and can be in the way of many things. If the bodies were able to be made smaller then maybe they would probably be able to be counted.

Important Passages

In the Field: "No sense of direction, though, and the field seemed to suck him under, and everything was black and wet and swirling, and he couldn't get his bearings and then another round hit nearby" (O'Brien 171). This passage is important to the work as a whole because it shows how war has many factors that get in the way than just the enemy like the horrible weather conditions.

Counting Small-boned Bodies: "If we could only make the bodies smaller, Maybe we could get, A whole year's kill in front of us on a desk!" This passage is important to the work as a whole because it shows how war brings a lot of dead bodies and that a lot of them can go missing. If only they can all be put together to see how many there are.

Discussion Questions

Into the Field: The author is trying to tell the readers that being in a war isn't just looking for the enemy. Their is a lot of factors that can come in the way physically or mentally. This is why war impacts on soldiers greatly because it messes with their heads. Being in a war can really change a person for the worse.

Counting Small-boned Bodies: The author is trying to tell us that their are a lot of dead bodies in war. If only they can be put in a small desk to be able to see how much bodies their actually is. The author is trying to show that war is really bad and causes many deaths. Many bodies go missing and only if they were able to be put all together very small.

Vietnam Footage

This video demonstrates the conditions they fought in and what they went through. This covers real footage of combat just like the combat in the story. It gives you a visual of the story.