By Tryn O'Neal

I interviewed Amber Hruby who will become a nurse on December 5th. She first got involved with this career because she was the president of Health Care Careers for high school students in Minnesota which allowed her to shadow different health care professions during school hours. After graduating high school she got her degree in Health Care Management. In order for her to become a successful nurse she has to graduate from an accredited nursing chool which requires a competitive application process. There are tons of opportunities for advancement, once you get your initial license you have the option to pursue certifications that make you an advanced practice nurse. If you get on board in one area you can transfer to another specialty and advance in a completely different side of the same profession. If you are a full time employee of a hopistal when you first start you are eligible for tuition reimbursement dependig on which hopistal you are employed with.

When asked to describe a typical day as a nurse she stated that there is not typical day, some days she goes into work with absolutley nothing to do except search the internet and on other days she walks into mayhem. The most interesting project she has encountered thus far has been alllowing a mother carrying quadruplets to not go into labor for an additional seven weeks which is immensely important for the developement of four tiny babies.

Each year you are employed within the organization you accumulate more time. In nursing they award you with a percentage of hours worked which equals your paid time off. You start out with two weeks of paid time off and each day you work you earn extra hours of paid time off.

Nursing is the one profession she is most confident will be around forever. She believe that there is not a single program nor computer to take the role of a caring nurse or a hope for everyone to be healthy, we will always have a need for nursing and it will only increase. She definatley sees her self continuing her career as a nurse and getting as many certifications as well as degrees possible within nursing.

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