What's New In Room 33

Mr. Woodworth's Class

One Week To Go...

Its almost Christmas vacation! With only a week to go, I am trying to complete all units we are currently studying. This Friday we have a huge math test on multiplication and division. I have also assigned short books to many of the students that they need to complete in a week. We are writing a summary on Boss of the Plains that will be finished by Monday. Next week, we will also have a short quiz on the social studies unit that we are studying.

Bike Club Cancelled This week.

We are expecting rain on Friday, so we will have to wait until January for the next bike ride.

Writing Club

I am exploring the idea of having a writing club for some of the students. Most of the work would take place at home. I would give the students a topic, they would research at home, take notes, and write an essay. I'd give them 2 weeks to complete each assignment and we would meet as a group and discuss. Please talk to your child, and if they are interested send me an email or have them tell me that they want to do this. I will probably start the second or third week in January.

Assignment Progress Reports

Next Tuesday I will be sending home progress reports so that you can see how your child is doing on turning in their assignments. Please look for them in their homework folders.