Remuneration Revision Guide


Remuneration is ways of paying an employee. Overall there are 7 ways in this flyer i will cover two.

What is commision?

Commision is extra money recieved for making a sale, normally a pecentage of the value of the sale.

Commision Advantages + Disadvantages

Additional money paid to an employee when an item is sold. It is normally a percentage of the value of the sale (e.g. if a sofa sells for £800 and the comission is 15 per cent, then the sales assistant will recieve an extra £120 on top of their normal pay). This is a good way of encouraging employees to try make as many sales as possible.

Disadvantages, each employee needs to have their wages calculated every payroll, which raises your costs in providing and accounting your pay. Employees may worry about loosing pay if sales or production is lowered. This can make them de-motivated, especially when you need to change the hours or rates;