How To Make A Smore

How to make a smore in real life

So your looking to make a smore well I will teach you just how to do that one thing

So the first step to making a delicious smore is to go to walmart or somewhere that sells axes and you need money buy a axe then go to the nearest tree in your backyard or in a park cut down some wood and then start a fire go back to walmart and buy some matches and gasoline then return to your home and begin to lite the fire get rocks and place them around the wood and then begin to put the wood on the rocks and then lite the wood on fire and wait for the fire to get big so then begin to gather sticks. After you have gathered all your sticks go back to Wal-Mart and make sure you have around 40$.

How to make the smore #2

Now that your at Wal-Mart you should go to the cracker aisle and then and by some grham crackers and then proceed to go to the place with marshmellows and then get those finally go to somewhere with sauces and then buy chocolate syrup then return outside to your household and get to the fire then get a stick and rip the bag with the marshmellows grab some marshmellows and put the marshmellow on the stick and put it near the fire and wait while wating there are many things you can do like spongebob and sing the campfire song with your friends and also you can tell stories with your friends and more when the marshmellows become browner you should make sure it is super soft and mushy after that grab a cracker and split it in half and then put the marshmellow on one side and the chocolate syrup on the other after that jam/squish the crackers together and enjoy the smore you have created if you enjoyed you should consider retrying also make sure you have adult supervison with you.

Q: Is there anything else I can make a smore with

A: YES you can use waffles or pancakes or bread

Q:what should I do if my marsh mellows don't brown

A:Thats ok you can still enjoy there just best if browned

Websites ande contact info incase you cant make smores and need personal help and or ultimatly suck at cooking