Madison Binkley

The Good

Madison Binkley

I was born in Katy, Texas August 1, 1996. I have an older sister Adrienne, she is about three and a half years older than I am. I had an interesting childhood, My parents divorced when I was six and my dad moved to Virginia with work. My sister and I saw him every other weekend for about three years before he moved to Alaska for work with my stepmother. They had gotten married when I was seven, I don't really remember anything from the time that my dad was in Virginia. My mother had also gotten remarried when I was nine, however they would only last for six years and divorce the summer before I was sixteen. High school was a priority for me, I had to make sure my grades were good so I would be able to get scholarships for college. I was ecstatic to have been accepted into Appalachian State University, my dream school.

The College Years

Graduating from high school was a big step for me. To me it meant that I wasn't a kid anymore, I was a high school graduate and soon to be college freshman. The first year at Appalachian I lived on campus and was studying sports medicine and athletic training. I had been taking honors classes and would continue taking them for the next three years. Freshman year wasn't that difficult for me, my friends and boyfriend of three years was also going to school at Appalachian with me. By sophomore year we got an apartment right by campus and lived together until we graduated in 2018. My favorite years were my junior and senior year because I was in the sports medicine program and was a student trainer for the schools wrestling team and traveled to every match with them.

The Dream Job

After getting my bachelors in sports medicine and being certified for athletic training I am working at Catawba Valley Medical Center during the day and at 3 o'clock I go back to my old high school, Newton Conover HIgh School, and be the athletic trainer for their teams. Wrapping ankles, wrists and fingers. With having my dream job along with being engaged to my high school and college sweetheart, I was perfectly content. Working for the hospital I made a decently good salary, enough to keep myself up and going with some change left over.

Married Life

My high school and college boyfriend had proposed to me in our senior year of college. Of course being with him for the past seven years, I immediately said yes. For about the next year I was going crazy with wedding plans, color schemes, where the wedding would be, who all was going to be invited, the whole nine yards plus a few feet. We got married on October 12, 2019. It was the best day of my life, I was now married to my best friend. My husband soon left for basic marine training, all his life he wanted to become a marine just like his cousins had done and now he was actually doing it. I treasured the letters and five minute phone calls that I would occasionally get. I am so proud and thankful that I have my husband, even when he isn't here to give me a good morning or goodnight kiss.

Being A Mother

On November 12, 2022 our son was born. We named him Aiden Allen after my father. From the moment I found out I was going to have a child I immediately started cleaning the bedroom that was upstairs. This room up until then was used mostly for storage but soon everything was moved out and ready to have a newborn sleeping in it. My husband was deployed for most of my pregnancy but made it back home in time to see our first child come in to the world. From then on my husband was never deployed again, he then decided that he would stay home and work with the police department to be back in the field once more, except this time I wouldn't be as worried about him. Aiden was a true blessing for both my husband and myself. About two years later Aiden told us that he wanted a little sitter to play with. He also had a friend from daycare that had a sister two years younger than him and this had Aiden a bit envious. Within a few months our three person household was soon going to be a household of four. We welcomed June Elizabeth on August 10, 2024. Having June come into our lives was astounding to me, I never thought that by having two kids and a loving husband could make my life so complete. We had a harmonious household, the kids never did anything to get in trouble or need a talking to. It was like they just knew without my husband or me saying anything to them. They are truly wonderful children and I couldn't imagine not having them in my life.
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