The Rocky Mountain Region

The best region of them all

Rocky Mountain Region

Our region is the Rocky Mountain Region. It is home to many states. These states are Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. This region houses the largest chain of mountains in North America. This mountains are known as the Rocky Mountains, or more commonly the "Rockies". We hope you enjoy our presentation, and welcome to the Rocky Mountain Region.

National Parks

The Rocky Mountain region is home to many beautiful and very famous national parks, including: Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Rocky Mountain, and Great Basin national parks. These parks are home to many species of endangered animals. Such as bison,timber wolves, elk, and big horned ram.
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Rocky Mountain National Park

This picture shows a big horned ram, on a peak in the Rocky Mountain chain.


The climate in the Rocky Mountains differs greatly. In most parts it's semi arid to arid. Although up in the mountains they usually feature alpine climates. To be precise here are the average temperatures for this region. Montana: 45.5 degrees, Idaho: 52 degrees, Wyoming: 46.4 degrees, Nevada: 50.9 degrees, Utah: 54.8 degrees, Colorado: 50.7 degrees. So generally it's fairly cold in this region.

Natural Resouces

This region has many natural resources. With the Rockies so close, how could they not ? Many valuable metals like silver,gold, and copper has been found in these mighty peaks. Other resources such as granite,marble,slate,zinc,oil,lead,and coal have also been found. There are other resources like timber and many cash crops. The farming industry isn't huge, but it brings in a pretty good income, with crops such as wheat,corn,grain, and hay.

Famous People

It was actually fairly hard to find famous people in this region. Ever heard of Sarah Palin? Well neither had we. It turns out she used to be the governor of Alaska. Now she's a major political speaker, she currently resides in Idaho. What about R5? Super popular band these days. Well the R5 siblings all currently reside in Colorado. How about Peyton Meyer? The male star of Disney's hit tv show "Girl Meets World" currently resides in Nevada. And lastly Jesse Tyler Furguson. I'd never even heard of him. Apparently he used to star in "Modern Family" he currently resides Montana.


In this region (and every other) food is a very important part of it. States have many recipes and other fun stuff. But if I listed them all, we'd be here all year. In Montana a common dish is their famous Huckle Berry Pie. In Idaho their Finger Steaks are well known. (Imagine fried steak pieces and you'll get what I mean) In Wyoming their fried Chicken Steaks are suposed to be pretty good. Don't even get me started with Nevada's Las Vegas All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet. Utah's "Funeral Potatoes" are super good. And last but most certainly not least Colorado's famous Chilè Verdè!

So much to do so much to see


In this region there's so many great things to do! If you ever visit this region you'll find a lot awesome activities all across the region. Here are some things you may want to partake in: hiking, mountain climbing,swimming, touring, picnicking, wildlife watching, camping, and while we're at it, go take a scenic drive through the country. I don't want to keep you here a lot day so if you ever visit make sure to consult your guide book on the best things to do.

What to see

In this region there is so much to see. You could probably live your whole life in this region and never see all of the amazing sights. The most common sites to visit are the Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, or some of the beautiful national parks. The wildlife is amazing, and you could go to the many beautiful plains all over the region.

Goodby for now

After learning about this wonderful region I can't wait to visit! How about you? Any questions? Well goodbye for now Rocky Mountain region, I hope to see you soon.