Accessories and Tools

What's new to me????

Homescreen Reset and Reset Settings

I like the idea of going back and resetting the different settings like the homescreen. Computers in our computer lab are constantly getting changed. A quick reset would be really helpful and might deter kids from changing them when they are suppose to be working.

Naming iPad

This is a great idea to name each one. If the teacher and student are working together it will be easy to see what iPad needs help or where the information is coming from.


This is the most exciting to me! I now can share my iPad with the class and I don't have to place it under my ELMO. I plan to get this working with my laptop and SmartBoard as soon as possible (or when state testing is done).


This is a great tools. We are studying the regions of the U.S. I was thinking the kids could create a poster about places to travel in each region. They can add pictures and information from each state.


What a wonderful app. I have a large classroom library. And it takes time to look up each book and level it. I love the idea of scanning the book. I haven't had a lot of time to play around with this but I see many possibilities!
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