The work I did on Germany

Welcome to Germany

The German flag is black, red and yellow.
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Where in the World

The country I chose is Germany. Germany is in Europe. Germany is close to the Baltic sea and the North sea. Germany is close to the many countries. A few countries are Netherlands, Belgium and France.

The people

Most Germans enjoy sausage. Almost all German schools end after lunch. One of their religions is Martin Luther. In Germany they speak German.

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Off to Work

Germans make cars. They also work in energy factories. They farm and raise farm animals.

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Things to Do and See

In their free time they play soccer and play tennis.

You could go to:

  • The Brandenburg gate is the gate to Germany.
  • The kings castle.
  • The Munich Chirstmas market.

Intersting Facts

The German soccer team won the world cup in 2015. Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Snow White are from Germany. Wolfgang AmadeusMosort was born in Germany.