St. Lucia

By. Logan Lurie


Controlled by other countries: Yes, UK

Independence: 1979

Still controlled by another countires: No

Official language: English

Geographical Information


St. Lucia is located in the Caribean Sea north of Trinidad and Tobago.

Physical Features

Political and Diplomacy Information

Type of Government

St. Lucia has a Parlimentary Democracy. They have a prime minister Kenny Anthony and ruled also by Queen Elizabeth.

Relationships with other countries

St. Lucia is on good terms with all other countires. They don't have any bad relationships with any countries.

Economic and Trade Information


St. Lucia uses the US dollar.

Economic System

St. Lucia has a Captalism economic system

Imports and Exports

Imported goods: Food, Manufactured goods, Machinery, Transportaion, Chemicals, and fuel

Where do they Import goods from: Brazil, U.S, Trinidad, and Tobago

Exported goods: Bananas, Clothing, Cococa, Avacodos, Mangos, and Coconut Oil

Where do they Export to: US, UK, Peru, Anigua, Barbados, Dominican Republic, France, Trinidad, Tobago, and Grenada

Tourist Information

Why should people visit

People should visit for the vast amounts of nature. There are rain forests, beaches, mountains, waterfalls, views, culture, and tropical weather.

What to see and do

There are wildlife tours, beaches, underwater adventures, cruises, and nature oppertunities