Rebekah Ann Roberts

the 8th grade me

Describing words about me

  • funny
  • forgetful
  • smart
  • brave
  • cheerful
  • talkative
  • honest
  • athletic
  • adventures
  • trustworthy


  • theater
  • singing
  • being with friends and family
  • running


my biggest influence is my mom i have relied on her for my whole life. she has raised 4 children on her own and is still smiling. she does a job she loves every day and she never gives up. i would give anything to be as strong as her.. she is married now and is happier then ever she is still working hard and raising me, which is a very difficult task so i have to give her some credit. i love her. she is my inspiration.
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Places I've Been That Impacted Me

One place that i have been that impacted me was my old school Ereckson middle school. it impacted me in both good and bad ways.I met great friends there and had great experiences and learned so much about my self and new things. i also learned how to find good friends and be a good friend to those friends. i miss Ereckson some times but i learned what i needed to learn there and now i am in Anna which is impacting me in a whole new way.
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Why Do We Fall - Motivational Video