Kevin Birthday Cake


Birthday Cake

UKISS Kevin Puerto Rico invites you to join our project for the 23th(American Age) birthday of Kevin Woo .

This project is to send a cake to Kevin Woo from Puerto Rico Fans in celebration of he's birthday. To also be able to show the great affection and love that kissme of Puerto Rico to him. All who are interested in participating may contact us for more information on it.

We are receiving donations to this project in order to complete the cost of the cake. Any amount is accepted. Thank You

Due Date: November 18, 2014.

Kevin U-KISS Puerto Rico

For more information about the project or to know more about Kevin U-KISS Puerto Rico Fan club visit our facebook page or contact us by e-mail.

To see more of Kevin Woo or UKISS or project and activity please visit are website .

Post by : Kevin U-KISS Puerto Rico administration.