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may 2016

Conference highlights, new products, and some fantastic May specials!

Last month I traveled to Providence for our annual conference. It was wonderful to meet our new CEO, Joe Ochoa, tour our manufacturing facilities (I even got to make my own scent of dream cream-key lime!), learn more about our testing procedures & quality control, and meet our Chief Product Officer, Krupa Koestline. She grew up in India where farmers couldn't afford pesticides so everything was ORGANIC and SEASONAL as the norm. When she moved to the U.S. she had to start reading ingredients. She also started her career with a household name global cosmetics brand where in the lab they had to wear respirators and pregnant woman weren't allowed in the vicinity. She couldn't feel good about what she was doing - if they were unsafe to create, why would they be safe to sell to the masses? She made the decision to move into the organic personal care sector and most recently found her way to Pure Haven Essentials!! We are truly fortunate to have her leading our product development & quality control testing. While we are working towards our manufacturing facility becoming USDA Organic certified this summer, Krupa holds her standards to meet other top regulation agencies as well. Knowing and seeing our management's passion and commitment to producing SAFE and PURE products bolstered my enthusiasm to share our message and products far and wide - and TO BE the pebble to MAKE the ripple in chemical policy change in our country. TODAY.

Will you join me in this mission? The tide is turning, yet so many people still don't understand the importance of reading product labels and ingredients. Let's gather a few friends, have some fun, and empower them to make safer choices for their family and the environment! Hosting is a great way to save $$ when your Pure Haven wishlist is bigger than your budget...PLUS I even have a special gift for the first two people who set up a party (or an "un-party"...we can simply meet over coffee or do a lunch & learn.)

On to the NEW PRODUCTS: I can't decide which one is my favorite--there's the hair spray which people are loving, and I know many of you have been hoping for a nontoxic option! The beard balm makes a great gift for that special guy in your life, the argan oil is considered to be liquid gold both for hair and skin, and the clear lip gloss gives my lips just the shimmer I want for summer months! We also released cedarwood and a tranquility essential oil blend, an improved sugar lip scrub, (PS-if you haven't tried the new citrus body butter yet, it is divine!) Remember that all products come with a 30-day money back guarantee, but please let me know if you have questions.

Want to see the new catalog? Just email me and I will get one to you!

Check out our wonderful May specials this month. I'm sweetening the deal by offering free shipping on orders of $110+ and for every order of $50 or more, I'm offering your choice of a FREE product from my AANT inventory! :)

Congrats to Katie & Sue who each won $100 in free products from the April mystery host party...and thank you to all of you who helped me raise over $300 to sponsor a Kenyan orphan to attend school this year!

Have a wonderful month!

In gratitude,


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Pictured above are the 30 from my team who attended conference. So proud of these people and their commitment to a nontoxic lifestyle! Below is a video that highlights our experience there--how many times can you spot me? ;)

Pure Haven Essentials National Conference 2016

Always happy to help you take the next step in your journey to non toxic living!