Cell Analogy

Cells are like The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes is like The Nucleus

Rick is the leader of the group and controls and keeps the group safe. Just like the Nucleus controls the cell and keeps it safe
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The Weapons are like the Cell Wall

Just like the Cell Wall protects the cell from getting hurt. Weapons keep Rick and the group from getting hurt
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The Walkers are like the Lysosomes

The lysosomes break down complex molecules. Just like the Walkers break down the survivors.
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The Vacuole is like Alexandria Safe Zone, The Prison, Hershel's Farm etc.

The random places that Rick and the group stay in are like the Vacuole in the fact that they store all their items and group members in those places
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Terminus and the Termites are like the Ribosomes

The Termites who live in Terminus are Cannibals so they make the Protein by cooking their victims. Just like the Ribosomes make proteins for the cell
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