What's the big deal?

Phishing and Smishing

Phishing and Smishing is a common fraud attack. It's fake emails sent to you. They want you to send personal information. They will take your information and maybe steal your money or steal your identity. You might be under fraud and you don't even know. Ways to prevent Phishing and Smishing is not reply to emails that want your personal information.

Retail/Auction Fraud

Internet is a common way of buying items and products on. Thieves have been taking advantage of buying items online. Thieves may want you to buy something so they will receive your money. You will pay for a product and in most cases you will not receive anything. To prevent this happening to you, search more about the company or product that you are purchasing. Also look at customer ratings to help you.
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Work at Home

Some American's or people in general are lazy or in need for some easy cash. If you ever hear a commercial or a website that will give you money just for being at home there is always a catch. Nothing seems that easy. Especially for cash. To prevent this happening learn more about fraud or use common sense.