JoeAnna Spencer

What Is Uranium?

Uranium energy is also known as nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is energy found in the nucleus of an atom of uranium, the energy comes from the bond that holds the atoms together.

How does it work?


Nuclear fission is a process in nuclear physics in which the nucleus of an atom splits into two or more smaller nuclei creating energy


Fusion is when energy is released if two light nuclei combine to form a single larger nucleus.

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Where is it found?

Uranium is mostly found in Australia and second is Kazakhstan

Is it Renewable?

No it is not renewable. Uranium is a mined resource and is only found in some parts of the world.

But wait... Why isn't it the energy the whole world uses?

Even if someone with a fever walks into a power plant the whole thing could blow up. Any heat exposure can be very deadly

How does it produce energy?

Neutrons are "shot" at the uranium, forcing the uranium atoms to split into smaller atoms which produces heat. The heat is then used to turn water into steam and the steam spins a turbine which produces electricity.

Who uses it?

Are there any other uses?

It is also used to color glass, x-ray production, ammunition, shields against radiation, glazes for glass, and atomic bombs.

Is it Expensive?