Sunday Jan 17 class info email

@ The Casting Gym

Kids Auditioning for TV/Film class Ages 5-7

This Sunday, instructor Jessika Laurel, will work with the kids on camera with the focus on ONE LINERS from FILM/TV auditions that they can do in a variety of ways.

We want to see if the kids can understand the difference and then hear their voices for the difference.

I do not want to give out the line so the kids are too rehearsed & or are moving their mouths but you can discuss the WAYS we are going to ask them to do the lines and practice with OTHER lines you think up.

Jessika will prompt them with up to 3 different lines.

They will repeat them with working on any corrections in pronunciation and inflection

A) curious - normal, but inquisitive voice

B) shy (whispering)

C) obnoxious (loud)

The kids will slate & make sure they know what it means to slate & WHY we do it!

The slate will include something cool about them so perhaps you can start asking them what THEY think is cool about them that we might not know.

If the slate looks good, I will post them so you can share them but I will only be sending out on SUNDAY the videos from this class on the lines.

Class is ONE HOUR. This class comes WITH a video too.

11:00AM-12:00PM Please give your child a snack prior so we do not have to break.

Kids AGES 5-7 come & take our new Saturday DANCE STEPS for AUDITIONS CLASS

45 minutes Saturday 1/16 @ 12:15-1:00PM/$25.00

Please reply with a quick email that this was received. No memorization this week.

Kim Houston


C 305.491.7604