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What is Lithium?

Lithium is a soft, shiny silver-white metal that oxidizes quickly. It is so soft that it could be cut with a butter knife. Lithium is very reactive to alkaline metals and is the lightest metal on the periodic table. In 1817, Lithium, was found in the country of Sweden. It was founded by Johan August Arfwedson. Lithium is the most abundant in Sweden and was found in volcanic rocks in Earth's crust. Lithium can be used to treat bipolar disorder and is also found in batteries, offices, medicine and it helps concrete with drying. at room temperature, Lithium remains a solid with the boiling temperature of 181°C. There are also two stable isotopes.

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Remotes, controllers, lights, toys, tools and phones. These are all devices that are powered by a battery. There are many more as well. Energizer is the most commonly used battery in America. its known for its long lasting power and the energizer bunny of course.

Energizer is composed of many materials that help keep its charge. Lithium, an element that is highly reactive, makes up 20% of the battery itself. Lithium is an element that is found in igneous rocks which are commonly known as volcanic rocks. This element is highly corrosive and is used in many other ways that help out mankind.

This product is a long lasting battery that is the most recommended for items that need batteries to operate. Many users prefer this battery over any of the other opposing brands such as: Duracell, Rayovac, and Panasonic.

Our new product of the Energizer battery is a rechargeable battery. Now its even longer lasting considering the fact that you can put it into a charger that plugs into the wall. Now you can use the same performance while not having to buy as many packages. You can have the same quality battery by just plugging them into the wall to increase its power to be reused. This helps the planet by not having to dispose of dead batteries and using less sources that the planet lives off of.

Energizer can be found at any local store for only $3.97. Its a 4 star battery and is known for its long lasting power and high quality use.