What's in a Name

Kansas City Royals By Jake L. And Anthony C.

Team Info

Country: USA

State: Kansas

City: Kansas City

Coordinates: 39N 94W

Region and Language: Midwest, English

Facts: Region is known as The Breadbasket, Produces more corn than other region,Twinkies were made in the MidWest

Features: Flat, Near the Appalachian Mountains, Prarie

Mascot Info

Mascot: Sluggerrr The Lion

Nicknames: None

Region Connection: There was a livestock show called the American Royal Livestock Show and the MLB wanted a team for Kansas so they chose the Royals.

Team History

Team Established: 1969

Founder: Ewing Kauffman

Reason For Location: A guy wanted to introduce Legislation to remove baseball's antitrust unless Kansas got a baseball team.

Mascot connection: None


Stadium Name: Kauffman Stadium

Reason For Name: Kauffman founded the Royals.

Other Name: Royals Stadium.

Why Are More Stadiums Being Named After Businesses?: A guy named Anheuser-Busch bought a sportsman park to be named after him and other businesses thought that was a good idea.