Welcome To Frutopia

"Nunc Et In Perpetuum" - Now And Forever

Our Government

-municipal government

-democratic style

-mayors term will last 3 years

Rights And Freedoms

  1. No one is above the law
  2. All citizens have the right to vote
  3. Freedom of speech and press
  4. Freedom to own property
  5. Rights of equality


  1. All main roads will have two lanes of passage(No one way streets)
  2. All construction sites must have correct permits and paper work before construction process commences. For ignoring this law the fine will be $1500 or prison time from 3-9 months.
  3. All candidates for municipal office must have two years of civil service
  4. All voters must have valid citizenship for frutopia
  5. Law officials must have authorization before firing their weapon. IF law is ignored investigation will preceed either resulting in unemployment or jail time from 1-4 years.


-variety of jobs
-Many jobs in tourism
-refining industry 30% of GDP