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Spring has arrived!

This month the PreK students discovered the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai and his famous work "The Great Wave". We had a wonderful time drawing the waves and painting them with sparkling watercolors. In addition, they learned the term "Mosiac" and created their own images of birds using this technique.

In Kindergarten, the students learned a way of drawing themselves, using shapes, to create a more realistic image (no sticks!) Each student illustrated and wrote their own journal on healthy activities to give them practice in this style of drawing. We also used our best colored pencil skills to demonstrate good craftsmanship in our illustrations.


Happy month of abril! This month the PreK and Kindergarten students learned about countries in Central America. They enjoyed a Power Point presentation and a show-n-tell with artifacts from Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and Guatemala. They listened to the sound of the marimba, a wooden xylophone from Guatemala.

We continued with conversations using greetings, feelings and questions. The following videos are for you to use at home as reinforcement to the vocabulary.

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Spanish language basics - action verbs with BASHO & FRIENDS
Hello song in Spanish with BASHO & FRIENDS - Good Morning, Buenos Dias


Kindergarten: This month students have been working on reading, playing, and dictating four beat rhythm patterns. The notes we have been focusing on are the quarter note, eighth note pair and the quarter rest. First, students reviewed each note, how many beats it gets and how to clap it. Then students broke off into partners and practice playing four beat rhythm patterns on the Djembe. We learned that the Djembe is a type of drum from Africa as well as the way to play it. After students were feeling comfortable playing rhythm patterns we practiced listening to patterns and began dictating rhythms. This means, students would listed to me play a pattern on the Djembe and the students practiced listening and writing the rhythms just by listening. Now, we are rhythm patterns pros!

Preschool: This month students began working from a new book in our Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear curriculum. In the month of April we learned about two new notes: the whole note and the eighth note pair! We practiced playing these notes on instruments such as triangles, tambourines, and the Djembe. We also met a new character named Professor Haydn Hippo. He is named after the composer Franz Joseph Haydn from the classical period. Professor Haydn Hippo is also a conductor. We learned that that means that he tells the musicians when to start, stop, play loud or soft and fast or slow. We practiced following a conductor and then even tried out being conductors and using a baton!

Physical Development

Kindergarten: Students have been working on basketball skills this month! Students have worked on dribbling, passing, and even scoring! Students were able to participate in a mini-basketball game this month and also earned a free day to go outside! The weather was mostly nice and sunny so students were able to play on the playground with a rock climbing apparatus, play hopscotch, play basketball, or play tag with friends!

Preschool: Students have been working on kicking a moving ball playing soccer, and practiced hand-eye coordination and follow through in T-Ball Game practice. Students practiced base running, batting, and even had a chance to play in fielding positions! Students also had an opportunity to play outside on the playground and earned a free choice P.E. day!

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Pre-K: This month in Technology class, students in Pre-K have been learning all about the phone. Students have discussed the differences between telephones and cell phones and have even explored phones from the past, present, and future. Students also practiced many skills involved with phones including making a polite phone call, parts of a phone, how to call 911, and the correct way to hold a phone. Students went home with a document that encourages family conversation about when to call 911 for an emergency and what number to call for a non-emergency. Please help your child to practice learning a family phone number.

Kindergarten: Students in Kindergarten have been continuing to grow their word processing, computer navigation, and internet safety skills. Students have also participated in discussions about phones. We talked about the difference between telephones, cell phones, and the evolution of phone designs.

Students in Ms Coleman's Kindergarten class have been working on typing out research about leaders in America. Take a look at the Kindergarten students from St. Charles practicing using home row to be efficient typers!