(as told by Lauryn)

Welcome to 6th Grade!!!

Welcome to most exciting year of your life! You probably don't know who I am. But I will tell you how to get through and make the most of your 6th grade year. Now, the first thing that we will talk about is the changes there are from Pittman to Hickory. First off, the change of cubby to locker (we will talk about lockers later). Also in 6th grade, you are introduced to having a chromebook all year. Some things you'll run into in 6th are the following; some strict teachers, "popular" kids. But, let me assure you, this is the best year of your middle school life!!!

Chromebook Care!!!

Well, your chromebooks are basically your new thing that you CANNOT, I REPEAT CANNOT, lose!! If you do lose your chromebooks, or damage it any way, you and your parents will have to pay the school around $50 depending. One way to prevent this from happening is to hold it with two hands when you are walking in the hallway. That way you will always see it and will never lose or break it (unless you drop it).
How to Open a Locker


The strike system is something you will start very soon. So, basically, you earn a strike when you are doing something that is out of the ordinary. When you reach 7 strikes, your teacher will call your parents and talk to them about what has been happening. But, when you reach 10 strikes, you will not be allowed to participate in a fun activity at the end of the year.