Tecartherapy Equipment


Achieve Total Wellness, Health and Body toning using Tecartherapy

As the saying goes, “health is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver”. Human body, like cars and machines need constant maintenance, otherwise, they will stop functioning. Over the years, scientists have been trying different methods of physiotherapy to treat various indications. Recently scientists have identified an innovative technology for performing a wide range of physiotherapy and medical indications.

Tecartherapy uses high frequency electrical signals that cause endogenous heat rise in human body. The electrical pulses that induce heat have better penetration to tissues as compared infrared, radiation and conduction. The high frequency causes adequate and uniform heating throughout the whole tissue where electrodes are placed.

Hyperthermia technology and applications

Hyperthermia is a synonym for heat treatment. The concept of diathermy, hyperthermia and endogenous thermotherapy uses high frequency electromagnetic energy to induce heat on body tissues. This innovative concept uses capacitive or resistive effects to induce heat to internal tissues without direct contact.

Tecartherapy physiological treatment methods

Tecartherapy is a new innovative and revolutionary technology used by doctors for medical purposes and therapy. It is non invasive in nature and this prevent injuries of organs. The technology is used for a vast number of rehabilitations of muscle tissues and osteoarticular pathologies.

Advantages of Tecartherapy

Since cells are at an electrical equilibrium, there is limited physiological molecular movement in the matrix. This new technology uses capacitor effect to create displacement current due to attraction and repulsion of charges which subsequently causes oscillations that have beneficial effects on the cell tissue.

The micro-movement in the vernous, arterial and lymphatic cell matrix and membrane has many beneficial effects and used to alter many medical and physiologic indications.

Tecartherapy is very beneficial to damaged and worn out cells as it assists in increasing the flow of oxygenated blood as well as balancing the metabolism and enzyme insufficiency in damaged cells.

Electrotherapy Treatment

Electrotherapy treatment method uses electric currents that are passed through selected human tissues. The currents are carefully controlled and relevant to the tissues applied so as to achieve the desired effect. This effect stimulates denervated muscles, reduce hypotrophy and maintain muscular trophicity of denervated or partially innervated muscles.

Electrotherapy is widely applied in relaxing spastic muscles, increasing the local blood flow, rehabilitation of muscles after injury or surgery, and preventing tissue atrophy

Capacitive resistive Manual Treatment

This type of Tecartherapy treatment uses either capacitive or resistive electrodes that are controlled by skilled personnel.

Capacitive Automatic Treatment

This treatment is advantageous as it eliminates the use of personnel. The electrodes are just placed on the required body parts and the process continues unattended.

Therapeutic indications and treatment methods

Tecartherapy is an advanced Hyperthermia treatment with profound medical benefits and vast number of applications. Dermatologists use this technique to reduce wrinkles, eliminate scars and reduce effects of aging on the skin. It is also widely used in cosmetic surgery for face lift and affirms body parts such as breast, tummy, buttocks and arms. In sport science, it is widely applied to reduce joint and bone pains as well as improve lymphatic drainage. The method is also used to manage many diseases affecting bones, muscles and skin.