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Media Essay

I think media is the world around us. It is not only us as a people but, animals and natural resources can be said to be a part of media. Things occur every day in our world whether it is storms or even a record breaking time in the mile. These events are what make up media and , media seems to always change for the better or worse. You will always find media each and every day of our lives. News stations and newspapers are the ones that bring the media to us no matter where we are. We’ll still get the update on what I happening across the world and the same goes for the others living elsewhere. Media is certainly important to this world without it people wouldn’t really have a knowledge of anything with media you will always learn new things.

Media Literacy is how media is presented to you. Media coming from newspapers, radio and T.V. stations are given through word, text, or video footage. All three forms are literary formulas of communication put out for the viewer. Each one of them have to be almost perfect sure we all make mistakes but, you don’t want to say that the weather is supposed to rain all day and the whole day it doesn’t rain an inch. You are giving the viewer false information and hurting your companies media. So your media literacy has to be well thought out before presenting it to the viewer.

The WILL for Change

Maliq A. Williams

Mrs. Danley

12 CP LA

7 February 2016

The WILL for Change

The Flint Michigan crisis has certainly impacted the economy as a whole just like Ferguson and even 911 did. Many people are sharing their thoughts and plans for a change and betterment for the state. Governor Rick Snyder is finally seeing the results of what an affect he had by switching the water resources. Many people would like to improve the state and city by first getting rid of Governor Snyder. This will help the citizens believe there is still hope as they have lost hope from such a catastrophe.

I plan to make a difference by going on social media and asking people if they are willing to donate not only their money but their time to go to Flint and help give the water to the people of Flint. I think people will benefit greatly from this. I also will spread the word out about knowing the government body in office and, how important it is to elect the right people in our office. We cannot just believe the hype and vote just to vote. If people look at voting that way nine times out of ten they will be dissatisfied with their government body. I hope that people realize it is important to elect the right person in office. Certain people will abuse their power for the bad of the state that is governed. That was the case for Flint, it was badly governed and as a result the people suffered from leading poisoning and water being contaminated. I think if I spread the word about this we will avoid another tragedy like this to happen.

Flint Water Crisis

This is were Flint's water was coming from. The Flint River.

Super Bowl Precis

1.), #MovinOnUp, advertisement, Super Commercial, 7 February 2016; asserts the process of making it easier to get an apartment at a reasonable price; that also shows this process in a fun and speedy way.

2.) Apartments supports this claim by having famous actor Jeff Goldblum sing and play the Jeffersons theme song while being risen by a crane to show he is moving which is similar to getting apartments.

3.) Apartments used famous actor Jeff Goldblum and Lil' Wayne in order to show you that it is easy to get an apartment at an reasonable rate.

4.) The intended audience in this commercial was directed too people looking for apartments with a scene of excitement and positive vibes Apartments shows how fun it can be to get the right apartment.

Advertising in Society

Advertising has a great impact on society because, so many people see ads everyday whether if it is online, T.V. or on billboards. Advertising has always been there for people to view. It is a way for companies to market their product. Many people use advertising to build up there company because, many times people either hear or know about a company through advertising. A lot of advertising not only lean consumers their product but, it also breaks down statistics comparing their products to other companies.

Many companies are able to use societal values to better appeal to a consumer’s lifestyle and values. Example commercials such the Mutual Liberty one having both a male and female described how easy it is to invest in the company’s insurance. In the commercial the male seemed to be the weak and uneducated one not knowing much about insurance. While the female seemed to have clear understanding on the company. This ad even though it was advertising insurance; it shows how society dictates the male and female. I don’t think it is right to generalize the male and female on what you estimate them be. It hurts both genders because, once each one of them were portrayed as weak and unacknowledged. I think people look as ads as being true so they fall after it for society to approve. When they are really just criticizing and laughing at the person for keeping this values true. We should have more ads telling people it is okay to be yourself. Doing these will have big up in less stereotyping.

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Manipulation in Advertising

There has been tons of commercial that have displayed hypocrisy. There is one in particular that I think of the Budweiser beer commercial that criticized people for drinking Elysian Brewing drink, pumpkin peach ale, which is a company Budweiser bought out and now they are telling their viewers not to drink it. That’s hypocritical towards the very own brand of beer and, lead many viewers such as Elysian Brewing confused. A lot of commercials have done such drastic measures just to impress the consumer on their product. This goes to show many businesses go out of their way to keep certain demography interested in their product, even if they may have other products that are competitors in their very own company.

I see a lot commercials being hypocritical. The ones that stick out to me the most are the commercials that advertise medicine and, show how everything can be so well when and if you take this medicine. The catch is if you take the medicine you could possibly get this ten other disorders or illnesses. I find this very hypocritical because, they are lying to the consumer by saying and showing you could live fine but, you might end up getting sick if you do go and take this medicine. Commercials can be very hypocritical and, I think they should not lie to a consumer. Lying can possibly end the consumer’s life and, the company could be sued. The truth Is better for the consumer as well as for the producer.

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Should Apple Fix?

I feel like Apple should not fix their IOS because, I am sure if they had a way to hack the terrorist Syed Farook individually they would. I believe they really have to encrypt not only Farook’s but, all the other IPhone users. This would have all their personal information open to the public. I don’t think many people want their information to be viewed by others. So I personally can agree with Apple and I commend them for not going through with this idea and protecting their customers. The FBI makes it seem like Apple can just go into their phone and there is a switch that can unlock the phone with ease. Apple intentions with the phone was to protect and secure the persons information from anyone else that is not the user. It was never intended to be shared unless the owner decided too. Ideally many citizens don’t want their information being shared as much as the government already knows about the people. They would like for some of their private social and business lives to kept away from a government. The government finds just about any way to take something from someone. Some cases there are right but, others are just flat unnecessary. There had to be another way to figure out who the terrorists were communicating with emails and social media sites. Apple surely is not working and, I don’t want Apple to allow this reform to occur.

1984 Anticipation Guide

I think it would be wrong for the government to spy on its citizens. In the U.S. we have amendments the government’s stands by and, it would be wrong for them to break these rights. After all, they would not be rules and regulations without citizens agreeing to it. If we were to have the government spy on us, many innocent people would get accused of crimes that they did not commit. The country as a whole would not be on co existing terms and, it cause a outbreak of war and destruction. Citizens will revolt as a result and many people will leave the country because, their freedom was unrightfully taken from them. Going back to the U.S. as an example, the main reason people moved to the U.S. was freedom and by taking away someone’s privacy is a big form freedom. So the U.S. would be hurting its economy by losing citizens. These will cause less business competition and more business to charge more because, the business could be the only one in the market.

I think it is in the best interest for countries to stop going to extreme measures like seeing what a person does and says on a daily basis. It will make a country look more like a dictatorship than a democracy because, you are being a big brother which was stated in the book 1984 by George Orwell. I understand it can be the path to capturing a possible terrorist but, there has to be a more a rational way to crack down on a case like this. Say a terrorist post a message on Twitter. A company like Twitter should warn the person that sent out this twit, that they could face possible charges for this slander. They should also allow the U.S. government access to this person’s account for further future review and, let the person know that they are under surveillance. I think all companies should make it clear that following post or searches will be reviewed under certain conditions. If you break these conditions you could possibly be charged with crime and if you follow these terms you will continue to have privacy.

The Nat Turner Rebellion

Maliq A. Williams

Mrs. Danley

12th CP LA

23 March 2016

The Nat Turner Rebellion

Nat Turner was a born slave on October 2, 1800. Decided on August 22, 1831 to start an uprising with 70 other armed slaves with the intentions was to slaughter white neighbors. He was able to have his own master and family killed along with attacking 15 homes and a total of 60 whites died. The rebellion came to an end by an attack of a white militia and, many slaves that said they would join the fight and not join. Nat Turner was able to escape from authority for three months. Until he was found upon by a local white man and was tried in court on November 5th. He was charged with hanging for the murders and attacking’s and, after his death enraged people decided to skin his body and distribute it in souvenirs. His head was preserved at a college for biological purposes. This made his rebellion so powerful that the state had to react with stricter laws controlling slaves.

The motive for the slaves is to react this way because; slaves were tired of doing work for slave owners that would only mistreat them. So Nat Turner decided to gather some soldiers who wanted to kill the slave owners for being treated disrespectful. So he was able to gather up 70 other slaves that wanted to slaughter the slave owners and families. I can see the uprising of ISIS in Europe and other countries similar in ways. ISIS wants to be known as a powerful group and, they decided to bomb countries that are well developed. ISIS gathered up people that seemed to not agree with their countries laws and rights. With doing so many attacks were occurring all over the globe. The United Nations along with others that are trying to crack down on ISIS have found leaders for the terrorist group. Still they’re so many people apart of ISIS that killing one of their top members will only motivate them to attack another group of innocent people.

I am not a fan of uprisings. When it comes to certain situations that won’t sincerely make an apparent difference until war occurs. Like for the Nat Turner rebellion he really didn’t have a goal at hand but, to only kill as much slave masters as possible. This was not effective because, not many people were engaged in doing the act. So the rebellion ended quickly and, slavery was still a thing. The rebellion just allowed for slaves rights to lessen. It was until after the civil war that slavery was granted. So it was pointless for Nat Turner to rebel because, he could have been granted his freedom.

Smore #8 Social Media and Politics

Maliq A. Williams

Mrs. Danley

12th CP LA

23 March 2016

Smore #8

I found out that some candidates were actually lying. When it seemed like they were telling the truth. For instance when Donald Trump said he doesn’t condone violence but, moments when they are people fighting at his actual speeches is very hypocritical. It is important to research you candidate because, the media doesn’t really show the candidate's true colors. When we are talking about debates the news just seems to show what they want to show. What the news shows isn’t entirely how the situation went down. It is hypocritical on the news for showing only the parts that can cause tension and make the person that is being question look bad. So, it is best your do your additional research before supporting a candidate you have no clue about. I don’t many people fact check their candidate. Most people base their opinions on what others tell them or what the news tells them. I don’t always find the media right but, it is something that we depends on to give us information about the world. So, I say we heavily rely on the media to keep us up to date but, I also think it is right for us to fact check on other media outlets then the general one everyone depends on. The bad thing about the person not looking up the truth is that he will always be lied to. So, we have to double check other sources to be sure we are not being lied too.

Snowden & Surveillance

Maliq A. Williams

Mrs. Danley

12th CP LA

27 March 2016

Snowden & Surveillance

I feel like Edward Snowden’s journey with the government is quite similar with Winston’s in 1984. First, they both are a part of a society where the government wants to live and have say in a person’s all the time. Snowden found out that the government was hiding things from people of the United States such as reasons for the military to enforce certain laws and people that were claimed to be guilty were actually innocent. This people were killed either killed because, their appearance or whom they were associated with. The United States tried to sweep everything wrong under the rug. In 1984, Winston and O’Brien knew they were being lied too and, decided to find the best ways to share the thoughts on Oceania.

They were different because, Snowden actually went to a different country and shared what he discovered in the U.S. to China. The U.S. is trying to bring Snowden back for revealing their documented files to other countries. Winston and O’Brien decided to let the Proles know what Oceania really is and, how they could stop Big Brother from taking advantage of them. Both men want to start up a brotherhood that takes over Big Brother’s reign but, it is dangerous because, there are thought police that can be hard to identify. This could blow their cover and, they will be arrested and executed from Oceania to never be seen again.

The two situations are quite similar when it comes to rebelling against a nation. The difference is Snowden actually left the country and shared he information with China and other nations. In 1984 Winston and O’Brien stayed within Oceania and, they shared their thoughts with others they think would kindly join their brotherhood.

Is Technology sent from heaven?

When Orwell talks about Science and Technology. He is talking about the changes in society such as developing ways to better communication, transportation & even education. He went to say with so much war going on it hindered technology from developing and advancing society. Technology and science are things that are started up with empirical habitat of thought and this can only happen with a war driven society.

Hapiness Vs. Freedom

I think that Winston is right about happiness being more important than freedom. Think about it if you're not happy truly happy than are you really free. Many can argue and say that some people have freedom and they don’t even notice because, they are unhappy with their situation. People were happy when they first we’re given those freedoms but, situations are what changed their perspective.

Many people in today’s society have been driven to get things done to achieve happiness. So, they decided to do jobs that they would rather not be doing. Snowden grew up apart with people in these hostile times and, worked for an organization that created this devastation. So, Snowden decided to gather the hidden citizen’s property and pass it on to another country that will rightfully dissect the problems. This technique worked well as many people lost trust in their government. Many people felt like they lost their freedom of privacy and, started to protest against the government’s unfaithful decisions. This is the reason why people should care what the government does because; you never know how much privacy you exhibit.

Gas lighting

Gaslight is a psychological technique used to falsely accuse someone that is on the receiving end that starts to doubt them. The media has begun to embrace gaslight I think; they feel like it was something that was missing from politics and Trump helped bring it back. The problem with these I feel is you’re not getting any genuine candidates and, you see this when it comes to the amount of delegates candidates have gotten. Each party still needs delegates and, I believe people are starting to figure out that there isn’t one candidate that is different; they are all using the gaslight it seems and, you're not getting a genuine candidate.

Another example, I see of gas lighting is a big thing college students are facing especially females. A lot of college students are being raped and they are scared to let anyone know because, they don’t want to get the rapist in trouble. As a result many victims are actually getting in trouble for waiting years later and protesting against the various schools. The colleges are using the Title IX rule against many victims. This rule simply states all genders should be treated equal and, the big thing they got at was when a case such this happened in the past the criminal cannot be charged or it. The sad thing is the universities only care about their reputation instead of their students. This makes the student feel like they are wrong for even bringing the case up.

The only way it seems we can combat this is to get people to realize that what another person is saying is made up. They are only trying to sway you and, then make you believe what they believe instead of what you believe. So, it is good to let people know that having an opinion is good and stay by it is even better. It is never good to be brainwashed to thinking something is when people just say it and not act upon it.

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity

Technology and social media, has its goods and its bads. Unfortunately, for society it seems there are more negatives than they are positives. Certainly, a human auto-correct would be necessary for the betterment of our society. A lot of people in our society are putting inappropriate things on the internet and social media that make them seem like the worst thing to exist. The lack of communication due to technology is true and it seems the only way to communicate is by technology and not human interaction. The only way to better our communication is to leave it up to the person. You can say any and everything to person but, it is there choice to decide whether or not they want to communicate more or not.

I believe we can control our addiction but, like drugs and alcohol many people fall victim to it and cannot survive without it. The way I see someone controlling this addiction is to limit your time with your device. Take time out of your day to relax and talk to someone or get out and do an activity without any technology. You have to make it seem like technology doesn’t exist and act like you never heard of it. The ways you can harness technology is to use striticly for business. This will help you stay out of trouble and keep a professional background in your life. Sure, technology is used to have fun and, you put stop of you having fun. I just think its best that someone puts a limit to the amount of pictures and videos they take. Social Media can influence a person to bad things and, going back to being addicting to drugs and alcohol. Social Media has that effect on a person and, the more you stop using social media, the less you notice you need it. The choice is left for the consumer to decide what he/she wants.

My Reflection

Media Literacy is a big part in the world today than it was 10 years ago. Let me just say I have learned more about media literacy than ever before taking this class. The thing I seem to understand the most is media can impact greatly on a person's life. Many people commit suicide over negative comments or pictures they see about themselves. I find that to be unbelievable and, my compassion goes to families that have lost their loved ones as a result. This has taught me to leave drama off the Internet and, help those who are negatively impacted.

This class is probably the most interested language arts class because, the information in the class was more modern than my other classes. I could relate to most of the things that we talked about. A big difference with this class is the amount of writing we did; which I did complain about and, still continue to do so. In college, I believe we are going to write tons of essays. So it is a good thing I wrote the fourteen s'mores and summative assessments. There is not much I would change about the class; I guess you could have shown us the 1984 movie. I am going to mess being in this class; I actually enjoyed myself.